Friday, June 12, 2009

You Are My Sister

I think on my dear sister often, she has been a source of insperation and wisdom to me.
Poem by: Pearl McKelvie Paterson,"Sisters"
Song by: Anthony and the Johnsons "you Are My Sister"
have a listen its ...So beautiful.

It may be that as you go life's way
You will find someone at close of day
Who will beg of you to stay a while
The passing moments to beguile.

Perhapes it be an aged soul
Limping painfully to a near goal,
Who, bowed down by burdens of this world,
Are caught in drifts which storms has hurled

Take time then, "all sisters", to stay a while,
Help the passing moments to beguile...


  1. This is really pretty music and the poem is lovely where did you get it.

    Love sis

  2. Hey Les.
    I found this really cool music system to put on my blog,easy peasy.
    I got the poem from a poetry book( Along Pioneer Trails) mom gave me years ago.You acn see just how old it is by veiwing my name on the leaf...T.R...
    really hope thats all the names I will recieve:)


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