Wednesday, April 15, 2009


- Canada's Most Listened to Spiritual Talkback Program
I read the book The Shack awhile back, and it is my all time favorite.
I have just found this radio station on line, Drew Marshall the host of the show has interviewed, Paul Young the author of The Shack a number of times, along with other authors and singers, and the such.
This show is so cool because Drew Marshall is one of those very imperfect Christians, but a Christ lover non the less! Like me, who has some thing to say about God and Christian's and doesn't say it with that stuck up Christian attitude, that many have.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


With the wind chill it was -40 today! We were absolutely frozen, with snow every were, some place's still had ice on the ground from last weeks melt. Oh Manitoba, how we love ya!!!

So why the picture?

To help remind me there are warmer days ahead, with lots of joy and new warm memories to come. Today I not only had the pleasure of my two beautiful grand children on board, but also my grand nieces, along with their mom my niece, and of course my daughter. The "gamma mobile" (my van) was truly full today!We all had a great time, we ate at Dairy Queen, the kids played in the "play center". I and my niece yakked up a storm, while My daughter was at the doctors. Back at "Shmooy Girl"s house we continued to talk and watch the children play, these are the days! Thank you God for such a beautiful family.

Friday, April 3, 2009

wedding planning

On the conference table at work there lay a box. a beautiful solid wooden box. My curiosity got the best of me and I opened it, and inside was a wedding album. The pictures were so lovely, every one of them inlaid on a piece of wood, and lacquered to a sheen. The whole album was several pounds.
The photographer took the best pictures I have ever seen in any wedding album ever...the bride could have been a New York run way model, her make up was perfect, her gown was obviously expensive, her 8 girl bridal party was perfect, and her hubby to be was decked to the nines.
My album is not so glamorous...
I took another look at all of my wedding pictures the ones that caught my eye the most, were pictures you would never put in a professional wedding photo album. The pic's that got taken when I wasn't looking, or the ones where we were a little laid back. Those pictures remind me of that day with a diffrent feeling of a good time, and not all prim and trim.

Today as I stepped out of our vehicle after work, there just coming down the side walk was our young neighbour girl, tip toeing through the remainder of snow that laid on the soggy ground, she was holding up a large white bag that was tied at the bottom, you could tell it was a garment that would touch the snow if it were not tied up...I new it was her wedding dress, her sister later confirmed that it was the dress, and they were on there way to the tailor to alter the gown.
I hope that our young neighbour girl would plan well, and have no regrets with the special day, as I did. My biggest regret is that I did not wait until my daughter Heather was well enough to be my maid of honor,she had been very sick due to her pregnancy, and had to be hospitalized.
Another regret is, I hate the dresses I made my brides maids wear, I wish I took more time to find more flattering gowns.
I wish that I ask my cousin J. to be one of my brides maids.
I wish I had not fought with one of my friends, she would have been part of this.
I wished we had a bigger hall for our luncheon so all could attend...
Any way, here are some of our "bloopers" and if they are not "bloopers" they just didn't make it in the album for one reason or another...but they made me smile and are truly some of my favorite remainder's of my very special day.

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