Friday, July 31, 2009

BABY Pink? Saturday

...I've got to hurry and get a few things...after all I am the grandma for the 3rd time :)

First I am going to need a diaper bag to hold every thing.......

Then I will need some pacifiers...........

Some diapers...this is cute it will work nicely for the baby shower........

Soft cuddly toys are in order, on a rocker too..............

A mobile to put sweety to sleep..........

Clothes for the dedication at church..........

Hold the posts ladies!...WRONG color!

My little grandchild is not a pink... he's a blue....I'm on the wrong color posting. I need Blue Mondays:))))) Happy, happy, happy me, I am a "gamma" for three.
Eli. born July28/2009

These soother's are just to funny not to post up.

Happy Pink Saturday to all...Don't forget to check out Beverly's blog for more "Pink" posters.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Award - My Grandchildren

I got an award...WOW! My first. I am so honored thank you Dreamgirl, from I see that I have to revel 10 things that you may not know about me:))) thats me laughing. If you know me you will know my life is already an open book....well here it goes.

#1 First most important I am a grand mother for the 3rd time since last Tuesday...................

Let me introduce you all to Eli. my 3rd grandchild. He was born on July 28Th 2009 at 3:45 AM, my daughter was in active labour for 36 hours.

This beautiful bundle of joy has blue eyes and platinum blond hair his weight is 7lbs.14oz

How blessed am I too be a "Gamma" again.

#2 I have two other grandchildren Lu. 3 years old, and Billa. 21 months.

#3 I have a fixsation with eagles. I and my hubby have seen over 50 eagals in our 4-1/2 year marriage, and we dont even live in eagal country! I love them flying, sitting, on tv, in pictures, on coffee mugs, in art... This is a painting done bt R.S.Parker, that hangs over my bed.

#4I love the country Italy, and Italian food and wine, so much that I am begining to think I am part Italian... #5 But I am not Italian. I am low German through and through. As far back as Prussia.

#6 I am a shoe is my hubby. 44+ and counting #7 I am a neat freak. Dont mess with my clean house!

#8 I work in a hospital

#9 I am shy in crouds...........
#10 I'm not so good, but I love to draw

I need to send this award off to some other fellow bloggers,so....

Shirley at:

The first lady who commented on my humble blog, who encouraged me to go on.
Shmooygirl,my daughter. My blog, her idea.
Jamie at:
Fellow grandma
Something Old Something New at:
Because I love my sister...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot Summer Day

Finally we have a warm day! We here in this part of Canada have had nothing but cool temperatures accompanied by rain storms, until yesterday.

Not to make light of the terrible heat that some States, and Provinces are enduring, with fires that rage out of control, like in BC...Our prayers are with them.

As for our wonderfully warm summer day, my grandson Lu. is taking full advantage of the fun things in "gammas" back yard.
A little jump over the sprinkler to cool off.
Then a big jump in the kiddie you can see my granddaughter
Billa is none too impressed with her brothers splash!
Lu plays water foot ball
Stops to watch his sister's strange attempt of getting in to the pool.
Of course she had to change her swim suite, due to her brothers splash. Billa try's to get in the pool on her a very cute way but does can not manage it, gamma has to help her in...but we wont show you a picture of that...gamma in a swim suit, not too cute:)
Eli is under cover sleeping soundly

He's just too beautiful for words, except thank you Lord.

Lets end this perfect day with some water melon
See ya all on Saturday

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pink Saturday: Its Raining... Pink Umbrellas

Saturday July 25-09

Thank you to our host Beverly at, How Sweet The Sound once again for our fun with Pink Saturday.There is many more pinks to see at

This is dedicated to my sister Leslie, from Something Old Something New
She bought me this beautiful umbrella to blog about, for Pink Saturday.

Sis, you are so dear to me...I love ya.

The umbrella is so pretty...Thank you.
I thought I'd find just a few more unusual pink umbrellas....

Just a little blown away, are we?

It sort of looks like an umbrella... well its pink!

Pink "brolly" and "wellies"
My sister would like this one ...anything from Japan Hello Kitty

Soft pink heart shaped Looks like a dress I once owned

Very pretty

Love these!

That's it! Have a great Pink Saturday, and a great weekend...


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To Choose One Thing For Another

I was going to wait to post this for Sunday...but I have been so touch by the Lord this day. He has been calling me to him for the last few weeks.(probably longer)
I admit I have been confused of late as to who I am and what I believe...
I know deep down inside me who I am. I know what I believe and the great steps I chose to take. With the unbelievable pain I have had to live with because of that deliberate choice I made, to be who and what I am today... a Christian a Christ follower.
Thus the name change....
Turn off my music player to the left, in order to hear and see the you tube player.

Monday, July 20, 2009


I and my hubby went for a drive to a town in our Provence about 70 miles away, Portage la Prairie.
While chit-chatting we were both dumb struck when we drove past a steel tree with a steel eagle sitting on top.
That tree is 85 feet high, and the eagle is an outstanding 12 feet.
The eagle shimmers in day light as it looks out towards the East to signify the beginning of a new day. The tree was made by a local artist, Jake Goertzan.

The picture below gives an idea of how tall this structure really is, you can see the evergreen tree tops far beneath the monument.
The eagle was constructed by an American artist.

The first nation Long Plain People have there reserve here Keeshkeemaquah and have these two structure to commemorating their people and the land they reside on.
On the same reserve, at the Arrowhead gas bar, sits a huge grizzly bear carved from one large peace of wood, ceder I think?
As well as this beautiful door leading to one of their conference rooms
We even meet an ancestor of the great late Chief Shortbear, he was our tour guide and host to this incredible place, Gregg Arrowhead.

In the same town we drove past this structure of an owl made also of steel, it stands about 10 feet high.

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