Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

 Another fun filled candy/costumed Halloween is here.
We had about 40 children at my door this year. 
I look forward to seeing all the little ghosts and goblins.
My favorite costume was worn by a little guy about five year's old... 
a homemade robot, done up with boxes and tin foil...
Someone worked very hard to make it!
Here is a photo of 4 my grandchildren
 My daughter is a smart cookie, she got her costumes second hand and saved a ton of money!
                                                            Eli looks great...super Ninja!
                                       The g-kids out with their dad, getting their sweet loot!
                                      Great job cutting your Jack-O-Lanterns guys!!!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Our Trip to Kenora Ontario Canada

                                                 Oh Canada, how beautiful you are!
                      I and Mr.B took a weekend trip, to our neighboring Provence of
                                                                Ontario Canada
We stayed at a Band B
 We had a comfy room, with internet,.
Our own private TV room, 
and private snack kitchen, with complementary drink and snacks.
 Beside our room was a small loft library for our use...
Me, posing with a fury creature for the photo....
Over looking the fire place from the loft library...
We enjoyed the hot tub, as we star gazed...
A late night glass of wine, on the wrap around deck...
Our friendly host Donalda, made us a complementary breakfast every morning.
Oh boy, can this lady cook!
Homemade goods for us to eat, above is the hosts homemade relish. 
so good!
Visit my Pinterest and get other tasty recipes in...

Our host also served us
with waffles. 
John and Donala Peters are wonderful couple.
 Gracious and hospitable...
I'd recommend this relaxing B and B to anyone.
We made several trips to Kenora from our B and B... 
(5 minutes away)
We had a tasty lunch and cold drinks over looking the water at...
A view of the docks below, from the restaurant above...
We saw the MS Kenora go by...

We'll be on that in a few hours!
We launched with the MS Kenora for a 3 hour evening cruise.
That served up an amazing supper. 
The cruise went around the 
"Lake of a Thousand Islands"
Literately, thousand's of small islands dotted the Lake of the Woods.
Above Devil's Rock
Sunset abroad the MS Kenora

 Shopping also was in our schedule...
Downtown Kenora has many quaint shops...
I got this cute yellow bag (above) at the 
The Blue Heron is a beautiful shop, in an old historic building. 

Many surprising and exciting rooms to explore.

..............The Next Day...............
We drove an hour away from Kenora, to Blue Lake @
                                                  We spent the whole day at Blue Lake...
                                                   That's Mr B. (above) trying out his snorkel.
The water was so clear....

Behind the Fort is a 2 K walking trail...
It was fairly rough terrain for a couple of oldish farts!
                                                       Mr B. (above) conquers a big rock!
I really need a rest from this hike...
Picked up something pretty along the way...

Later that evening.....
We ate at a place that was featured on the TV show, 

We had their famous ribs with
 Well, that's it for our trip...
I put this wonderful trip in my blog to remember our fun time together.
 Also, to share a beautiful part of Canada for all to enjoy.
                   I hope you enjoyed the photos and links to our beautiful neighboring
                                                                   Provence of,
                                                                Ontario Canada!

Friday, April 26, 2013

190 Days of Below Temperatures...Until...

Well there you have it...190 days of below -0 temperatures until today!!!
Central Canada saw +14 Celsius, that's 57.2 in Fahrenheit. 

Folks in the city pulled off their parkas and put on the Ts and enjoy the outdoor patios downtown....

After one of the coldest Aprils on record, skies are beginning to clear up, 
and the mercury is starting its journey upward.
Puddles get larger, song birds are making there way back, 
Canadian geese are already here...
We welcome spring with agonized but open arms...

Foliage on this lilac tree in River Heights soaks up the warm sunshine Thursday, joining every other living thing in Winnipeg.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Yes, once again our Canadian weather has hit us fully on the side of the head!
 Just when we are all anticipating spring, you know melting of snow, bird singing, flowers peeking up...
 We get another blizzard!

Spring will surely come to Manitoba someday, but it won’t be today.
This is what hit our Provence while we slept!
 it shows no signs of stopping!!!
The snow shows no sign of stopping in Winnipeg this morning.
Environment Canada is calling for a truly miserable Monday, with snow, blowing snow and winds gusting.

So the parka goes back on!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine s Day February 14 2013

A chilly February 14 2013, Valentine s Day.
 I walk briskly from my place of work to "The Forks". I notice how pretty the tree lined path is.
 The path is also lined with antique light posts painted fire engine red!
                             Before I get the this peaceful path I had to walk over the gorgeous....
                                                              Esplanade Riel Bridge

                Thank you to~     Esplanade Riel Bridge (Provencher Pedestrian Bridge)
Photo: City of Winnipeg
                                      My wedding photos (2005) were taken by this bridge...

                                                                  yes in snow!

tracegrace photo                 
                    Below~ Here too at this historical site of the Cathedral, we also wedding photos....
(tracegrace photo)
There is a beautiful new church behind the old.
What amazing history we have here!
St. Boniface Cathedral in winter, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Stock Photo - 9247710
(photo by Lance Thomson)
Also passing by The Canadian Human Rights Museum.... (above)
Expected to be completed 2014.
     Too cold to take any more photos I keep walking to....

My destination The Forks

 Were I pick up a card and hopefully the winning lotto tickets for Mr.B.
and... flowers and a yummy dinner wait for me...
Thank you Mr. B
Happy Valentines Day!
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