Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Wedding

 Kate and Prince Willam will take their vows at 3 AM, Friday morning, April 29 2011. 
 Vows to love, honor and cherish one another,. my prayer for them is joy and true happiness as they make there life together.
I can hardly wait till after work to sit down and watch the taping of this royal couple...I know, I know...why should I care of two people who are really not relevant to my life?...Yet I find I have a deep interest in the the royal families, not just today's royalty but of the history of the royals.
Such royals of old like...
Terrible King Henry and his poor 6 wives,

Henry's daughter Queen Elizabeth1

and Queen Mary of Scotland, 
So, I too am intrigued by this royal couple making history...

God bless, our future King Will and his future Queen Kate.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth11

April 21 2011 is Elizabeths II, 85TH Birthday.
Queen Elizabeth II turns 85 on Thursday - just a week before the wedding of her grandson Prince William.
The monarch has reigned for 59 years since ascending to the throne in 1952 at the tender age of 25 and she will mark her diamond jubilee in 2012.

                                                                         And many more...............

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NIV "Eternally Condemned?"

Bible Matters #14
NIV "Eternally Condemned?"

By Gary Amirault
The New International Version of the Bible is today the best selling English translation on the market. Personally, I think it is better than the King James Version which was the leading selling English Bible translation for almost 400 years.
 However, the NIV is far from perfect. The following verse is a classic example of the liberty the NIV translators took with the Greek and Hebrew Texts. In Galatians 1:8-9, we find in the NIV the phrase “eternally condemned” two times.

“But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned! 9 As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let him be eternally condemned!” (Galatians 1:8-9, NIV)

Almost every other English translation translated the Aramaic word “anathema” as “cursed” or “accursed” or they transliterated the word, that is, they brought the Aramaic word “anathema”
(there are a few Aramaic words in the Greek New Testament) right into English without translating it.
 No other English translation I have in my library (and I have close to 100 English New Testament Translations) chose to translate this single word “anathema” with two English words, one of which was “eternally.”
There are several Greek words which some English translations translated “eternally,” “forever,” “perpetual,” or “everlasting,” but “anathema” is not one of them.
 I say “some” because there are many English translations in which the concept of “eternity” is not found. They believe the Hebrews did not have an idea of our modern concept of eternity. There are well-known and respected scholars in this camp.

Regarding the word “anathema,” I repeat NO other English translation had the nerve to put “eternally” into these phrases in Galatians. Why? Because there is no word in these two sentences that remotely refers to eternity.
The NIV translators simply took the liberty of injecting their own beliefs in eternal damnation into this passage without a shred of support from the Greek. This passage is not a unique instance in which the NIV translators took great liberty with the Greek text. But that’s for another day.

There is another new English translation that perhaps has outdone the NIV in reading into this text what is not there. The NET Bible (New English Translation) translated anathema as “condemned to Hell.” The Greek words usually translated Hell ( but incorrectly) are not in these verses either.
The Greek words most often translated “Hell” by traditional translations are hades, gehenna and tartarus. These words are not in Galatians 1:8-9.
Again, the NET translators took the liberty to inject their own theology into this verse.
The NIV and the NET translators in these verses have gone way beyond the bounds of accurate translating with these verses.
Does the Aramaic word “anathema” carry behind it the idea of people being endlessly tortured and separated from God?
In Acts 23:14 a group of Jews put themselves under a curse; they would eat no food until they killed Paul. Do you really think these men, asked to be eternally tortured and estranged from God forever if they failed to kill Paul? Hardly!
 When Paul wished that he himself was accursed for the sake of his kinsmen after the flesh, do you really think he would allow himself to burn in a Hell forever if it would save his kinsmen? That’s ridiculous.
 Paul taught no such thing. The apostle to the nations, never used any of the words some translations translated Hell.
Despite the fact that many English Bible translations have rendered incorrectly many things as “eternal” such as the Mosaic Covenant, the fire on the Temple altar, the sign of circumcision, the Levitical Priesthood and many other things, Paul knew that Mosaic Law would end.
 He said it was ending even as He wrote. (2 Cor. 3:1-18)
Paul knew of no such thing as being accursed and estranged from God “forever.”
He knew that his estrangement would come to an end eventually should he wish such a thing.
For in depth studies on the words in many English translations mistranslated “forever,” “everlasting,” “eternal,” etc., see articles and books at:

So then, if one wants to know what is in the Scriptures, Christians should:
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (2 Tim. 2:15, KJV)

Or is that what the Greek really is saying? Do I need to be a “hard worker” rather than to study hard?:
“Work hard so God can approve you. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth.” (2 Tim. 2:15, New Living Translation)

Or do I just need to be more eager to present my self acceptable before God:
Be eager to present yourself as acceptable to God, a workman who causes no disgrace, imparting the word of truth without deviation. (2 Tim. 2:15 New American Bible)

Study, work hard or be eager – gee, finding out what the original languages of the Bible really mean is not so easy. And accepting one translation as infallible is a foolish thing to do. Unfortunately few Christians really take Bible study very seriously. It simply takes too much time. The average American spends over 4 hours in front of the television. There is simply no time left for serious study. Our priorities are upside down here. Therefore, many take the following attitude:
The Attitude of Many
Please don't disturb me with the facts,
I'm content in being lax.
I won't take time to think, you see;
If wrong, that's good enough for me.”
James E. Gibbons
“Bible Matters” is copyrighted to Gary Amirault. We allow them to be reproduced and passed on provided authorship and address information is contained and no changes are made in the article.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Put Down Queen Boadicea and Pick Up Queen Mary

So,  I started reading this book The Warrior Queens
 written by Antonia Fraser
This is a historical look at some of the Queens in history (of Spain, England, Prussia) and "queenly" type of women (M.Thatcher) that went on to produce wars of all types, from political debates in parliament, to blood shed on the field. I became interested because I knew Antonia wrote about the sad story of Queen Boadicea in this book...
A few years ago I did an armature reading for an in part fictional play written by
J.Cartwright (my about the nonfictional Queen Boadicea.
I read the part of one of the queens daughter...thus I became interested.

Antonia is one of my favorite authors.
 Many of her books had been given to me by my neighbour, who's father passed away
leaving behind some 4,000 books.
My neighbour knew I loved reading, calling me over to pick out what
caught my eye, for free...blessing for me or what?

Above a photo of my humble library with some of the books gifted to me.
Above are some books that are old and rare.
Poetry by Keats, Byron, Robert Burns and Browning, and more.
Included is a beautiful signed, red leather bound, gold edging of Shelly, its an "Albion" addition.
 Above are a whole collection of
Dumas, famous for writing "The Three Musketeers"
Above a collection of "old" children's readers.
How can I ever "thank you" my neighbours Blair for these priceless gifts.
Which one day I shall pass onto my daughter,Shmoo another avid reader.
I came home with about 106 books take or give a few, and 4 of them were written by Antonia Fraser.
The above mentioned is one of them.
Alas I must put The Warrior Queens down,
with promises to finish another time...
Instead, I have picked up to read another gifted book...
Queen Mary of Scots...
Because...I have been reading so much of Queen Elizabeth of late
 and one can not read about this Queen and not come face to face
with her cousin Queen Mary of Scots.
I have read many opinions about this Queen Mary, mostly in regards to Queen Elizabeth.
Being given mainly in a poor light.
Then I came across a 
Create your own banner at!
I read the whole web site in one day, check it out by "clicking" the name above.
My curiosity arose to find the "truth" of this Queen...where better to seek historical truths than.... 
So on I read Queen Mary of Scots....

I have an older edition of this book.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello my name is............

 It is better for teaching purposes to create new thoughts...

 rather than trying to destroy what you perceive to be wrong.

A person can spend a lifetime destroying all that is wrong, or what one perceives to be wrong...

 and have no time for creating......


We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race. We all share the same basic values.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Queen Elizabeth11's Father

Queen Elizabeth II Gives THE KING’S SPEECH Her Royal Approval

 Queen Elizabeth11

 Enjoys Private Screening of Academy Award® Nominated Film About
Her Father, King George VI
New York, NY, February 4, 2011 – The Weinstein Company (TWC) is honored to learn that Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, has enjoyed a private screening of THE KING’S SPEECH, tells the story of Her Majesty’s father, King George VI, as he struggles to overcome a crippling speech impediment while grappling with his sudden, unexpected ascension to throne and the mounting danger of Nazi Germany.
Stars Colin Firth as King George VI, Geoffrey Rush as the King’s speech therapist, Lionel Logue, and Helena Bonham Carter as Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

The Sun article can be found at:

Screenwriter David Seidler said, “To learn Her Majesty has seen the film, and was moved, in turn moves and humbles me greatly. When, thirty years ago, the Queen Mother asked me to wait and not tell this story during her lifetime, because the memory of these events was still too painful, I realized the depths of the emotions involved. Now this story has been written and filmed with a great deal of love, admiration, and respect for Her Majesty’s father. That Her Majesty has responded favorably to this, is wonderfully gratifying.”

Our entire ensemble cast: we are deeply honored and humbled by Her Majesty’s appreciation of the film. It was a labor of love for all of us and this is high praise, indeed.”

Thanks in part to....We Are The Movie Geeks@

Friday, April 1, 2011

About....Lettice and Elizabeth1

The movies "Elizabeth, and Elizabeth the Golden Age" played by,
Kate Blanchet. (above)
and... "Queen Elizabeth1"  played by, Helen Mirren
are truly interesting my humble opinion.
 Here is some... "non-movie"  information you may not know about this
 famous red headed Queen.... 

 The Queen had a lover, in the renascence they called them...
Queen Elizabeth's favorite was...
 Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.

In the movie you can see the young couple in love and enjoying
 each others company, as they were good friends as well .

The queen is upset by the information, that her "favorite", the young Dudley
is already married.
 History states he is married to a pretty lady named
 Amy Robsart

Amy...poor girl ends up dieing,  from a fall down a flight of stairs...
and is seems to be suspicious.
It was widely suspected that Dudley had arranged his wife's death in order to marry the Queen.
The Queen does indeed seem to be giving hope to silly Robert,  if he was not already married
 she herself (the queen) would marry him and
 Robert would be come king for a queen.
Hmmm...Too good to be true?
 Even though questions arose as to Amy's death young Robert is not convicted.
(Read more of this interesting story... "click" on Amy Robsart above.)

Robert Dudleys castle
The movies portrayed that there were two "favorites" of the queen...
two diffrent Roberts!!!
 Robert Dudley and Rober Devereux 2nd Earl of Essex ...
In its sequel, "The Golden Age" the queen ages, and time goes on.
 The queen puts off the hopeful marriage to Robert Dudley.
                              Elizabeth was forced to distance herself from Dudley
 because of
Amys death and consider other suitors.
So Robert ups and marries some one eles, in secret.
When the queen finds out about it she is "pissed" to say the lest! 
Who was this secret lover/wife of Robert D?...

Non other than Anne Boleyn's grandniece...
making this grand niece a relative to Elizabeth as well...
she is
Lettice Knollys
                                                            sometimes called Laetitia;


Lettice was close Queen Elizabeth when she was still Princess Elizabeth
So they were friends since childhood, Lettice Knollys was introduced early into court life...
 At 17 Lettice married a guy named
Walter Devereux,  who in 1572 became the 1st. Earl of Essex.

So Robert1 of Essex and Lettice had a son was also named Robert
( the 2nd earl of Essex)
 became the second Robert
"Too many Roberts"

So this Robert came to be a "favorite" of the queens...but alas he was beheaded for treason.
After Lettices husband Walter went to Ireland in 1573 she possibly became involved with
 Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.

 There was plenty of scandalous talk.

 Two years later Lettice Knollys married Robert Dudley in private.
Lettice incurred the Queen's undying hatred due to her marriage to Elizabeth's "favorite" Robert Dudley
When the Queen was told of the marriage she banished the Countess Lettice forever from court,
effectively curtailing her social life.
The couple had a child, but died at the age of three, to the great grief of his parents
and ending all prospects for the continuance of the House of Dudley.
Lettice Knollys' union with Leicester was nevertheless a happy one,
as was her third marriage to the much younger...
 Sir Christopher Blount,

 whom she unexpectedly married in 1589
only six months after the Earl's death.
She continued to style herself Lady Leicester.

                                                          That's another juicy story..............

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