Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Wedding

 Kate and Prince Willam will take their vows at 3 AM, Friday morning, April 29 2011. 
 Vows to love, honor and cherish one another,. my prayer for them is joy and true happiness as they make there life together.
I can hardly wait till after work to sit down and watch the taping of this royal couple...I know, I know...why should I care of two people who are really not relevant to my life?...Yet I find I have a deep interest in the the royal families, not just today's royalty but of the history of the royals.
Such royals of old like...
Terrible King Henry and his poor 6 wives,

Henry's daughter Queen Elizabeth1

and Queen Mary of Scotland, 
So, I too am intrigued by this royal couple making history...

God bless, our future King Will and his future Queen Kate.

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  1. I loved her dress. she looked so beautiful. i wish i was there to see it. i loved how when she got out of the car to go into the church, she stoped to wave to every one, she will be a great wife and a great queen. :D


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