Thursday, April 14, 2011

Put Down Queen Boadicea and Pick Up Queen Mary

So,  I started reading this book The Warrior Queens
 written by Antonia Fraser
This is a historical look at some of the Queens in history (of Spain, England, Prussia) and "queenly" type of women (M.Thatcher) that went on to produce wars of all types, from political debates in parliament, to blood shed on the field. I became interested because I knew Antonia wrote about the sad story of Queen Boadicea in this book...
A few years ago I did an armature reading for an in part fictional play written by
J.Cartwright (my about the nonfictional Queen Boadicea.
I read the part of one of the queens daughter...thus I became interested.

Antonia is one of my favorite authors.
 Many of her books had been given to me by my neighbour, who's father passed away
leaving behind some 4,000 books.
My neighbour knew I loved reading, calling me over to pick out what
caught my eye, for free...blessing for me or what?

Above a photo of my humble library with some of the books gifted to me.
Above are some books that are old and rare.
Poetry by Keats, Byron, Robert Burns and Browning, and more.
Included is a beautiful signed, red leather bound, gold edging of Shelly, its an "Albion" addition.
 Above are a whole collection of
Dumas, famous for writing "The Three Musketeers"
Above a collection of "old" children's readers.
How can I ever "thank you" my neighbours Blair for these priceless gifts.
Which one day I shall pass onto my daughter,Shmoo another avid reader.
I came home with about 106 books take or give a few, and 4 of them were written by Antonia Fraser.
The above mentioned is one of them.
Alas I must put The Warrior Queens down,
with promises to finish another time...
Instead, I have picked up to read another gifted book...
Queen Mary of Scots...
Because...I have been reading so much of Queen Elizabeth of late
 and one can not read about this Queen and not come face to face
with her cousin Queen Mary of Scots.
I have read many opinions about this Queen Mary, mostly in regards to Queen Elizabeth.
Being given mainly in a poor light.
Then I came across a 
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I read the whole web site in one day, check it out by "clicking" the name above.
My curiosity arose to find the "truth" of this Queen...where better to seek historical truths than.... 
So on I read Queen Mary of Scots....

I have an older edition of this book.

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