Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy First Birthday To my Grandson Elijah

Happy 1 ST. Birthday Eli...

Mommy and the birthday boy.

Eli had both Gamma and Gammy at his first birthday...it was Gammy who made this yummy chocolate pudding cake and Eli's eldest cousin A. is the one who decorated it...good job!!!


Eli's Papa and Gammy have some huge horses that he hooked up to a flat bed, and took us all for a ride.

There was good food,burgers made with Angus beef,hot dogs,potato and taco salads,thanks so much Gammy!!!

Water toys were brought out and every one had fun getting wet.Even the "Big kids"...lol

Mr.B.you might as well jump right in...your wet already!!!

Eli's other grandpa and grandma live on a farm...Mr.B. enjoyed feeding their sheep.

A few daffy ducks.
This pretty girl is part Jersey and Red Angus.

Eli and his dad...That's a full day for this little guy...happy birthday my sweet.
Love Gamma

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Puttering In My Back Yard

As you enter our humble back yard you are greeted by this sign of welcome, donated by my sister and her husband from PEI...so welcome to my puttering experiance.

I love gardening. I don't have a large space to work in, as I have had in my past, but I make do with what I do have, and I am truly grateful to God that I do have some space to call my own and play with my petals and dirt.

Just a few pictures of things that bring me joy as I putter (Mom called it puttering) in my back yard. My dear husband has bought me many new pots with a European flare,

He also helps me in the yard with moving those heavy pots and digging up the ground, he's such a blessing.

and surprised me with a shopping trip to the market for these pretty wooden birds to scatter about the garden. Although this little guy is real... he is either foolish or very brave..Most birds will stay away, for we have 3 cats that prowel this back domain, but some will mock our kitties by perching awhile.

We try to block out some of the traffic noise with our 2 lovely little fountains

Well I am off... like this little bee, with much more to do in this garden.

As my beautiful daughter and her dear husband are showing...enjoy your summer.

Happy Father's Day Jason

Friday, June 19, 2009

pink paintings


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pretty Pink Gowns

Happy Pink Saturday to all. This is my third time participating in this celebration of pink, I am enjoying my self very much, viewing other blogs and, commenting also receiving comments. Thank you so much to our host, Beverly. You can find Beverly's other pink participants at http://www.howsweetthesound.typepad.com/my_weblog/

I found these lovely ladies hanging out at Walt's place. I noticed only two of these beauties is wearing Pink, well that just wont do. They must all have a pink gown for this special Pink Saturday occasion! So I went browsing for a few more dazzling pink gowns for these Chickie-Pooh's

Lets start with Snow White. She can toss away her old blue/yellow gown for one of these two very phoo-phoo pink dresses...It come with a deadly message though, It must be from that wicked queen.

OK Bell, its your turn! Your really styling in that pretty yellow gown, but again its not pink. This dynamic ruffle/with assories, is made just for you. You can do allot of swirls, and twirls with that "Beast" of yours.

Cinderella you are forever dancing around in that true blue frock...its time for a change....add a little old world pink to you repertoire!

Ariel, that lovely red hair of your will look stunning with this. Toss out that pale green frump of yours. A word of advice... don't go for a swim with Flounder while you in that gorgeous pale pink Victorian.

Sleeping Beauty, Aurora-Rose. You my dear are the only one who has dressed properly for the occasion. Thanx to those 3 fairy god-mothers of yours, they changed your gown from blue to yellow to pink just in time. We dont have to find you a pinky dress.

Jazmin darling your turn, This shimmering number will suite your personality to a tee. Just stay away from Jafar!!!

Image and video hosting by <span class=TinyPic" src="http://i38.tinypic.com/34zergz.gif" border=0>The best dressed gal, would be.... Beverly's "little pink lady" on her button, just click it find out how you can join in the fun:)

Friday, June 12, 2009

You Are My Sister

I think on my dear sister often, she has been a source of insperation and wisdom to me.
Poem by: Pearl McKelvie Paterson,"Sisters"
Song by: Anthony and the Johnsons "you Are My Sister"
have a listen its ...So beautiful.

It may be that as you go life's way
You will find someone at close of day
Who will beg of you to stay a while
The passing moments to beguile.

Perhapes it be an aged soul
Limping painfully to a near goal,
Who, bowed down by burdens of this world,
Are caught in drifts which storms has hurled

Take time then, "all sisters", to stay a while,
Help the passing moments to beguile...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A foul is born

On my daughters farm they have approx. 6 horses. This big gentle boy is sniffing out my grandson.
This cute little thing is there latest addition. It was only a few days old when I first saw it. This precious baby was jumping all around its mom, the other horses were so excited they all started to run at full boar in the pasture, while the mother horse stayed by her little ones side. (just when you need a video camera I don't have it!)
My daughters place is such a relaxing place to be, the fresh air, singing birds, little animals of all kinds scurry about.In the back pasture there is a watering hole, filled with millions of tad poles, in time we will go back there to find baby frogs. I just love this tranquil spot in our small world.
This is Mr.Jangels...my grandson can play and carry this kitty all day and the cat wont mind, funny how some cats are like that.What would a farm be with out puddles.Puddle jumping is a child's delight...who needs all those fancy toys!I am a grateful grandmother,because my daughter and her husband have chosen to raise there children in the country...I know that is the best place raise a family.
To see more pics. of the foul, go to my daughters blog, and tell her I sent you...she'd be happy you dropped in

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