Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Italy my Dream

This post was inspired by a movie I watched. My House In Umbra, staring Maggie Smith. Its about an unlikely group of people, who find solace and friendship after being thrown together because of a terrorist attack. The movie is based in Italy, with so many dreamy places. With out further adue...on to my dreamy place.

Our first stop would be Florance...pinch me!
Ah, Calabria how magnifico you are.
Capri your waters so blue.
The colors of Cinqurterre are intoxicating.
As we stroll down your exotic alley ways.
Positano your historic shops are along many walking blocks.
We would stop to join old Marcelo in a glass of wine, salute.
Our trip would end in Tuscany renting a villa draped in wisteria
Dinning in such a place could only be a gastronomic feast.
No trip to Italy would be complete with out seeing the tower of Piaza in Tuscany.
Winding roads, no wonder great artists were compelled to paint.
A slower calmer way of living.
There is many a olive to help gather...This is my dream.


  1. Just imagine what gorgeous bathtubs they would have in Italy I could just imagine that while soaking you would have breathtakingly beautiful views to just get lost in...pure bliss..isn't it wonderful that God gave us the ability to dream and imagine, a little holiday for our minds..hehe..what I love about dreams is that with God they can become a reality.
    Thank you for taking me on your gorgeous romantic holiday :)


  2. Wow~ Your blog layout is Bea-u-T-ful!! Yes, I too dream the same Italian dream! Someday!!
    Thank you for the kind words about my hair...You are so sweet!! It was a lot redder when I was a kid. I get homesick for the extra red sometimes and put in the Not permanent, wash out Loreal Colorspa #40 Sunset Golden Copper.(I can only find it at Rite Aid Drug Store now) It washes out in about three weeks but it makes me happy. I do it several times a year just for fun. Pop over to see my guest speaker today. She is REALLY good!

  3. love your blog layout, the post is fab, my sister married a Tuscan and live there,you sum the dream up well!! cheers and thanks for dropping by !

  4. Hi Gracie, I was delighted to have you visit The Vintage Nest. It's funny...just last night I watched "Under the Tuscan Sun" again! I love that movie. I have been to Italy and hope to go back some day. I remember all the little tiny cars in Florence and one graveyard in particular in the Tuscan hills that touched my heart so. Please come back and visit often. Have a super great weekend. ~ Lynn

  5. A beautiful dream...Have you read, The Promise by Lisa Clifford and Italian Joy by Carla Coulson -I think you would love them, xv.


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