Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pretty Pink Gowns

Happy Pink Saturday to all. This is my third time participating in this celebration of pink, I am enjoying my self very much, viewing other blogs and, commenting also receiving comments. Thank you so much to our host, Beverly. You can find Beverly's other pink participants at

I found these lovely ladies hanging out at Walt's place. I noticed only two of these beauties is wearing Pink, well that just wont do. They must all have a pink gown for this special Pink Saturday occasion! So I went browsing for a few more dazzling pink gowns for these Chickie-Pooh's

Lets start with Snow White. She can toss away her old blue/yellow gown for one of these two very phoo-phoo pink dresses...It come with a deadly message though, It must be from that wicked queen.

OK Bell, its your turn! Your really styling in that pretty yellow gown, but again its not pink. This dynamic ruffle/with assories, is made just for you. You can do allot of swirls, and twirls with that "Beast" of yours.

Cinderella you are forever dancing around in that true blue frock...its time for a change....add a little old world pink to you repertoire!

Ariel, that lovely red hair of your will look stunning with this. Toss out that pale green frump of yours. A word of advice... don't go for a swim with Flounder while you in that gorgeous pale pink Victorian.

Sleeping Beauty, Aurora-Rose. You my dear are the only one who has dressed properly for the occasion. Thanx to those 3 fairy god-mothers of yours, they changed your gown from blue to yellow to pink just in time. We dont have to find you a pinky dress.

Jazmin darling your turn, This shimmering number will suite your personality to a tee. Just stay away from Jafar!!!

Image and video hosting by <span class=TinyPic" src="" border=0>The best dressed gal, would be.... Beverly's "little pink lady" on her button, just click it find out how you can join in the fun:)


  1. OMG, just absolutely LOVE the gowns!!! The one on the right, wear or dare, LOVE IT!!! I'm always looking for inspiration for my mini dolls! Thank you! Have a fabUlous Pink Saturday! :) Sassy Marsha

  2. What a fun post! Love all the dresses and the Disney girls! Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Pink Saturday.


  3. Beautiful and fun Pink Saturday blog entry! It's a little gloomy outside today (hope the sun comes out) but your blog and a little cup of tea are giving me a little sun!

    Happy Pink Saturday. Sending you good wishes from the tip of Michigan for a special weekend filled with sun, surrounded by those you l♥ve.

  4. I'm stopping by to say hello, and Happy Pink Saturday. I love your photos and clever post, how perfect for today.

    Please stop by, scroll through, leave a comment - I love company.

  5. I love all those Dresses! Who wouldn't feel like a Princess in one of those! Thank You for sharing your Pink!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Lovely post! I love all the pink gowns for those Disney girls. Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Lovely gowns!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  8. Happy pink fashion week!!!

    How fun!!!

    Love this:)

    Have a blessed weekend!


  9. Happy Pink Saturday!"Health,Wealth and Love.."

  10. I love the Pink Saturday idea! So fun! I started doing them on my wedding blog.

  11. Love all the gowns... Cinderella would look great in pink! Happy Pink Saturday ~ I hope you have a great weekend ~ Susan

  12. Oh my gosh...Happy Pink Saturday!! I love that you restyled the Disney princesses. They sure would look so much more lovely in the dresses you chose.
    Thanks so much for stopping by with your kind words and I am humbled that you chose to follow me.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!
    ((hugs)) Nerina :)

  13. Hey Graciegirl! LOVED this post! I'm such a kid at heart! I LOVE all the Disney Princesses, and all your fashion makeovers! It wasn't long ago I picked up the special anniversary edition of Sleeping Beauty DVD!.. and NO, it wasn't for my kids (who are older now anyways).. THIS was for ME!! Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you have a wonderful week!

  14. These gowns are gorgeous ... Oh to have a figure just right to look fab in them....

    Thank you for visiting me on my first Pink Saturday post. I'm enjoying 'meeting' so many lovely bloggers.

    Have a wonderful week.

    ciao for now,
    Elena :)

  15. Stunning gowns! Any girl would be lucky to wear one of them.

    Your new background is very pretty.

  16. Fantastic pink gown. Hope you had a great pink saturday.

    Lots of luv,

  17. Hey Sis,

    That party you spoke about using your pink china set - well CC's will be attending in the Cinderella dress and I will wear the Ariel dress (Paitin may object as she will want to wear it) Jenny will probably take the Jasmine one. So when is that party?

    Love it

  18. I love all of the pink gowns, they are awesome!


  19. THanx for all this pink Saturady, just too much fun.
    Something new something old...I will wear Bells gown but we just need a date???

  20. Welcome to PINK Saturday, I'm sorry I haven't made it here before now..but I did finally make it!! woohoo!!!

    I love all the pretty pink lovely they are and how beautiful they would make you feel when wearing one of them.

    I hope you have a great PINK week,

  21. really fun post! happy pink, Heidi

  22. Gorgeous and fun post - love all those girls for pink Saturday, xv

  23. kool dresses mom.
    i really like the last one, if i was to get married all over again i would have a dresses like that but only white.

  24. Wow~ what a great princess dress fix!


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