Sunday, August 29, 2010

House Warming: Dedicated to my Sister A and G !!

The House Warming Party is finally here...

I and MR.B...mostly MR.B :) have worked very hard in anticipation of this day!
Soooo take a seat, get a cup of tea and join us.
(Thanks to Kimberly Shaw,  for her beautiful hand painted  invitations, I sent out, they were a hit!!!)

This pretty Tea Cup rose tree found its way into my back yard for a sale price of $8...
how could I resist!!!

Thank you to my son in law J. for putting together my new bench...
A lot of good it rained all day!!!

Pretty orange rose blossom!!

Here's another pretty orange blossom that attended my party!!

Mr.B. worked on the last of the cabinetry until the morning of the party....
"Cutting it a little close, don't ya think " ???
The end result is wonderful!!!

My husband is so talented and smart, he put most of our home together.
I am his biggest fan, and thankfully he is mine...Praise be to the Lord!

This beautiful counter top is not only nice to look at,  it was very functional for our first party...
It held all these yummy treats that our guest help provide!
My daughter Heather at@ Shmooy girl...
Brought this amazing Toco Dip...
See my kitchen blog,  for the recipe...@ my side bar!!!
I was so over joyed that Mr. and Mrs.K. ABOVE:  Dropped by...
This couple means so much to me!
You can just make them out behind the counter......

(( After my  1st. marriage break up... 
This couple, saved my self and my children, to God knows what demise!
I will be in your dept....
 for the care, the love, the spiritual guidance, and home...
 you both provided,  for I and my children in those hard days!!! ))
Above:This tired looking gal is my daughter H. holding wee Eli.
She should be tired,  for all the help she gave me today...and 3 months pregnant to boot!!!
Thank you my love for all the help you gave me.

I and Mr.B. unexpectedly received many a wonderful gift this day...

Thank you to all!!!

Family Photos photo time!!!
I think Dave like our floors???
There's that pretty orange blossom again!!!

Sorry girls...but this is the only one that turned out clean!

This one turned out nice!
This post is for you my dear sisters in law, A and G !!!
(G~ is a faithful blog follower of mine)
You'll never know how much you both mean to me.

AH!!! Theres Pastor D!!! Mrs.G's hubby.
He offered a beautiful prayer and blessing over our new home....
He also married I and Mr.B.... Easter of 2005!

Mr.B...(Whats with the face???) and pretty S...
This gal is not only pretty, she's smart too...
We all knew this, even before she decided to become a doctor...
May our Lord be with you, and bless you S.
 You go girl!!!

Auntie S. and Uncle G...were in from Beautiful,  British Columbia
So glad you could come over. You have been missed!!!
Where's Uncle M????
Me and mom...this is Mr.B's sweet mom, she has a very special place in my heart!
....I love you so much mom G!!!!

Theres Dad G. and S. and young Micheal... foster son to A and Dave.
Thank you mom and dad for this lovely plate...

Thanks to all for making this day wonderful....
Yes Lord, we are home...
Thank you, Jesus !!!!

Blessings, Mrs.G.......

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fair-Well To An Old Friend

These are photos of Tabitha, our oldest cat with her family in her last days.
I realize that the content of this post may be difficult to some readers, so please be advised.
I want to bring an awareness, to a feline illness that is rampant, but not well known.

FIP- Feline Infectious Peritonitis

Above photo:4 days before Tabitha died, she loved to be by the fountain, she would keep cool with the water splashing on her.
She's becoming week, but still managed to walk to the water with help.
Mr.B is beside himself with grief... he has had her for 18 years.
Tabitha died 5 days after diagnosis. 
There is two versions of FIP the wet and the dry, we believed she had the wet.

**please see the web site for more information.**

Above:Lilly wants to play but Tabitha is too weak.
We give Tabs steroids to bring the swelling down, and vitamins to boost her immune system.
Vanilla comes to visit Tabs...all the cats knew something is wrong.
Unfortunately FIP hits hardest in multiple cat house holds, like ours!
Above,Tabitha finds strength to stand and give Snuggles a kiss,buddies for 15 years.
The doctor assures us that this virus can not be passed to the other cats.
Even at her weakest she still is motherly towards Frankie.
Tabitha is the most affectionate cat I have ever willing to love on all.
Tabitha and Frankie...
she has lost so much weight in such a short time.
The virus saps the moister from the body and pools it in the abdomen, leaving the belly swollen and difficult to breath. 
This FIP can lay dormant for a very long time before it shows its self, as it did with our cat.
As Tabs grew weaker we kept her indoors and comfortable... that is all we can do FIP. is fatal,in all most all cases.
All our cats showed compassion towards Tabitha, but especially our newest kitten, Lilly.
Lilly Pad loved on Tabitha right to the end with her continual kisses.
The above photo is taken a day before she passed.
When Lilly was too tired to kiss Tabitha any more, she just sat next to her step mom.

*Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is caused by a coronavirus that can infect any cat, though young cats and very old cats (14yr and up) appear most susceptible.*

We have decided to give our kitten, Lilly vitamins to boost her immunity.

Saying good bye to our dear old girl...
Tabitha still purrs even in her last hours.
FIP is nicked named the "Purring Disease"
 because cats will continue to pur even when close to death.

Tabitha in happier,healthier days...
Last Christmas 2009
Tabitha's favorite place.

Mr.B. will miss "Babber Tabs" ...
This little missy loved her daddy so very much.
Tabitha knew she was also loved.
Tabitha died August 22/2010
at the age of 18 years
You will be dearly missed old girl....

FIP-Feline Infectious Peritonitis

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Give Away, @ Cotton Pickin Cute

Happy 1ST.Anniversary Tracy!!!

To celebrate her first anniversary, Tracy at Cotton Pickin Cute, is having a give away!!!
A beautiful white lacy apron, a tote, a sugar bowl pin cushion, and much more....
There are several ways to enter and win, click the link above and run over and have a peek!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Day with a Happy Gamma!!!

I am so grateful to my Lord.

I have a fantastic family, a loving husband, a good bible teaching church, a community that I adore.
When I am not at my full time job in the city at a major cardiac hospital...
you can find me at home, enjoying life's simple bounty.....
Fresh farm eggs and...

one little red tomato I found this morning in my wee garden.

It's the only red one of this green bunch...I'm grateful!!!

                                     Besides planting Roman,I also have Beefsteak, and Celebrity

Making Mr.B. a breakfast
with those eggs and one lonely tomato, and locale honey and my home made apple jelly...
Presented to my hubby on my new... London England plate...
I bought the whole set!!!

Another simple pleasure is my cloths line.
I have a beautiful energy efficient dryer, but I have always wanted an out door line....

and now I have one...

It brings a sense of calm to hang cloths.

Quite moments to think, learn, and teach...
I and Lu peek inside the jug that has a...

Wolf Spider and her web in it!
The web she weaved was so cool, can you see her tunnel?
I and my grandson looked and talked about it for quit a while...
I love that!!!

I love to watch my grandchildren playing in the water.They are happy, so I too am happy.

Eli learns to walk, and I am there!!!
A grandmother couldn't be more happy to experience this!!!
That's Bylla helping out.

Out side in Gammas back yard, Eli try's to walk...oops!
He trips over Vanilla Kisses...
She really didn't seem to mind too much...

Well, maybe she has had enough!!!

I have a small garden,
I've always wanted a vegetable garden and Bylla helps water it...
look at the little jug she's using....hee hee!

She waters the bird feeder too...oh, I love to watch my grand babies!!!

The last of the apple's comes down...
I ate this juicy one first thing this morning.mmmmm

I picked a bunch and made....

Some dough for....

"Mile High Apple Pie" for my dear hubby,he loves my pie!!!...
and I love my new pie cover!!!

This link will take you to my food blog.
There you will find my "Mile High Apple Pie" recipe and much more!!!

The grandchildren gather around me to share my juicy apple,even though Lu already has two in his hands!!!

I see Mr.B through the sun room window.
What a sweet heart...he is watering my plants.

We found this out door set on sale and thought it would do good in the sun room...

My art table at the other, Mr.B. put my draft table together.
A nice view out my windows to inspire...

I see my fountain through the window,
the soothing sound of trickling water in spire's me to draw....

After all the years I had to do my drawings at the kitchen table .
I finally have a wee place to call my art space...thank you my dear husband.

A yellow flower for you my husband, my lover, my friend...

Mr B. too gave me a bouquet of yellow flowers yesterday
after a long 12 hour shift at the hospital...

At the end of this day, the children go home with there mom and dad.
I sit in my beautiful back yard and enjoy a glass of wine,
and a good book, Robertson Davies "Fifth Business"....

I stay outside till the sun goes down.....

Thank you Lord Jesus for all these gifts.

I am content and a happy lady.

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