Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Day with a Happy Gamma!!!

I am so grateful to my Lord.

I have a fantastic family, a loving husband, a good bible teaching church, a community that I adore.
When I am not at my full time job in the city at a major cardiac hospital...
you can find me at home, enjoying life's simple bounty.....
Fresh farm eggs and...

one little red tomato I found this morning in my wee garden.

It's the only red one of this green bunch...I'm grateful!!!

                                     Besides planting Roman,I also have Beefsteak, and Celebrity

Making Mr.B. a breakfast
with those eggs and one lonely tomato, and locale honey and my home made apple jelly...
Presented to my hubby on my new... London England plate...
I bought the whole set!!!

Another simple pleasure is my cloths line.
I have a beautiful energy efficient dryer, but I have always wanted an out door line....

and now I have one...

It brings a sense of calm to hang cloths.

Quite moments to think, learn, and teach...
I and Lu peek inside the jug that has a...

Wolf Spider and her web in it!
The web she weaved was so cool, can you see her tunnel?
I and my grandson looked and talked about it for quit a while...
I love that!!!

I love to watch my grandchildren playing in the water.They are happy, so I too am happy.

Eli learns to walk, and I am there!!!
A grandmother couldn't be more happy to experience this!!!
That's Bylla helping out.

Out side in Gammas back yard, Eli try's to walk...oops!
He trips over Vanilla Kisses...
She really didn't seem to mind too much...

Well, maybe she has had enough!!!

I have a small garden,
I've always wanted a vegetable garden and Bylla helps water it...
look at the little jug she's using....hee hee!

She waters the bird feeder too...oh, I love to watch my grand babies!!!

The last of the apple's comes down...
I ate this juicy one first thing this morning.mmmmm

I picked a bunch and made....

Some dough for....

"Mile High Apple Pie" for my dear hubby,he loves my pie!!!...
and I love my new pie cover!!!

This link will take you to my food blog.
There you will find my "Mile High Apple Pie" recipe and much more!!!

The grandchildren gather around me to share my juicy apple,even though Lu already has two in his hands!!!

I see Mr.B through the sun room window.
What a sweet heart...he is watering my plants.

We found this out door set on sale and thought it would do good in the sun room...

My art table at the other, Mr.B. put my draft table together.
A nice view out my windows to inspire...

I see my fountain through the window,
the soothing sound of trickling water in spire's me to draw....

After all the years I had to do my drawings at the kitchen table .
I finally have a wee place to call my art space...thank you my dear husband.

A yellow flower for you my husband, my lover, my friend...

Mr B. too gave me a bouquet of yellow flowers yesterday
after a long 12 hour shift at the hospital...

At the end of this day, the children go home with there mom and dad.
I sit in my beautiful back yard and enjoy a glass of wine,
and a good book, Robertson Davies "Fifth Business"....

I stay outside till the sun goes down.....

Thank you Lord Jesus for all these gifts.

I am content and a happy lady.


  1. Hello my sweety,
    I read your comment and it really moved me inside. I am so very greatful that you are in my life as I would not be complete with out
    you. Every time I look at you, my heart goes "wow" this is my beautiful wife. I am so blessed as you really are a gift from God.

    Love You, Mr. B.

    Oh gosh I have missed you so much!!!I am so slow at getting back in the blogging routine, life is so fun and full of interesting things to see and do!!You ARE Indeed a Very BLESSED LADY!!!My friend you are sooo deserving of all this good fortune, GOD IS SO WONDERFUL and he has chosen YOU to Bless and your Mr. B is so wonderful, give him a big HUG from me!!And tell him to HUG you!!Your Grands are so WONDERFYLLY growing up, your Bylla is such a beautiful little Princess!!!I need to look for more french clothes for the little gals in our lives huh!!The boys are adorable and growing so fast!!
    GREAT NEWS!!!!!
    We have a NEW GRAND on the way!!
    I have waited the required `12 weeks to say anything, my daughter lost her first baby at 11 weeks so she always likes to wait so no sad phone calls are ever needed again.
    God is so good and has Blessed them with another baby to love and raise!!!
    it will be here in feb!!!!!
    Have a Blessed week my friend
    eat a garden tomato for me, My fav!!!!And that apple PIE, oh gosh I can taste it right now!!!
    love it!!!!
    love it all
    so pretty everything
    hugs --big hugs--bear hugs!!

  3. Hi Gorgeous Lady!! Reading your comment made me smile and giggle, what a beautiful heart you have and it reflects in all your thankful for, seeing your precious and adorable grandchildren brings many smiles children are such a blessing and so are you my sweet blog sista.
    I missed you too :)

  4. I love all your pictures!!! I have often wished I had a clothes line on my small back porch. There is nothing like fresh sheet that smell like sunshine...nothing in the world!!! We found a HUGE wolf spider in my daughters restroom the other night. It was about the size of a half dollar. We researched it on the web and learned that they are not poisonous but if you get bitten DO NOT move at all if possible and seek emergency help immediately. That makes you feel better doesn't it? LOL! Thanks for stopping by my post and leaving such kind words! I too am enjoying your blog!

  5. i love coming to your blog mom. its so fun to look at. and i love to see new pics of my kids i haven't seen yet.
    i wish i wasn't so sick then i would be blogging more. maybe you can blog for me. lol just joking.
    i love you mommmy
    talk to you later.

  6. Little Eli is so adorable! I'm Nanny to my grandchildren. I too love a clothes line! Hubby doesn't understand it but it just makes me feel good to see the clothes hanging out in the fresh air. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by, Tracy. It's nice to hear from you. Enjoy your weekend.


  7. Hi Tracy! Boy am I glad you came by for a visit. I can see I'm going to love your blog.

    I didn't realize 7 was a Spiritual number - good to know. And what a perfect name for you...Tracy Grace. And from your photo, I can see just how pretty you are. So it seems like a perfect match to me. Your name, your sweet spirit and caring heart.

    I love all the photos you've shared. You take great pictures and the little ones are so cute.

    And don't you just have the most special 1st name - hee-hee. I love that you called me Trace. Very few people ever do that and it always felt like a long know friend to hear it. I have a feeling that we're going to be very good friends.

    Wishing you a beautiful Sunday.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

    P.S. Did you get to enter my giveaway that I posted on Friday? Hope you do.

  8. Hello, dear friend,
    Your husband is a lucky man to have his wife prepare such a delicious breakfast just for him. Your clothes and linens must smell heavenly when you bring them in from the line. Your grandchildren are beautiful and fortunate to have such loving grandparents. Have the happiest of weekends and thank you for coming by for a visit with me. Love and blessings~Vicki

  9. Oh! What a beautiful post. I love all your photos of your wonderful day with your grandbabies. And a sweet thankyou from you to your hubby and I love that he left his sweet comment to you :o) I thank the Lord for blessing me with my Mr. B and look forward to when we are grandparents too :o) Yours are so cute!!!

    I love your sunroom and your area to create your artwork! A perfect place! Wonderful artwork.

    I also truly love to hang laundry. And yummmm...your mile high apple pie looks delicious!

    Blessings & aloha!
    I am squeezing this visit in before I head off to work! Have a blessed week! Oh and yes, I do add some color to some orders-usually only the ones that are done for baby designs-limiting to pastel and primary colors. Email me if you do decide on a drawing :o) mgbotelho21@gmail.com

  10. Thanks for visiting! I love all your pictures.....but I hung enough clothes on a line as a child that I ever want to hang. AND it is just too hot here to stay out that long! Your grandchildren are beautiful! I love, love, love grandchildren.

    I'll be back to visit you too!


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