Monday, September 27, 2010

For Shmooygirl

My daughter and her husband J. went away for the weekend to a bible retreat and while the parents were away Gamma got to play...with her youngest grandson...Eli.
I had the privileged of looking after Eli. for the weekend and I thought I would send my daughter"Shmooygirl" some pictures via my blog...although this post is for my daughter, any one can enjoy the photos of our days...(I believe Shmoo has posted some pics of her trip,@her blog above.)

Eli. and I started our day out side on the deck, he loved running back and forth!

off to the swing set we go...
Once back inside Eli.Played with our newest kitty...Lucky Three Buttons!!!

"Lucky" Because we decided to keep him after someone just dropped him off on our door step!!! 
"Three Buttons" Because he has three black markings on his tummy like buttons!!!

 Eli.picked up his cat puppet and headed for the window.
 Then he cried "Mama"...oh boy!!!
Fast thinking Gamma!...Off to the kitchen for some fun...
Nothing like a little Tupperware to make a baby happy!!!
How about some yummy waffles and plums for a hungry boy.

 Oh Boy! Now what??? He's keeping me hopping!!!
Okay, off in the wagon we go.....
Theres a happy boy!!!
To the park
Gamma and Eli. God blessed us with a beautiful Fall day.
A little run about...

Time for Gamma to rest.
Oh...Look who decided to join us...
We could have used you early Mr.B!!!
Once back home I made supper...Eli ate everything!!!
Grilled chicken breast with Wild Rice Casserole
Check my side bar for the recipe in Mrs.G's kitchen...Yummy!!!

Sleep tight my beautiful grandson....
In the morning breakfast, before church!!!
More like feeding the cat time???
See you after church mom and dad!!!
I picked Bylla and her brother Lu up after church...
While I had Eli, his brother and sister were with their other Gammy and Papa.
We all went for Ice cream, while waiting for mommy and daddy to arrive.
Bylla has on one of her many Scottish dresses... for church going.

Bylla got a parcel in the mail from the US.
This cute Eiffel tower T, from Jamie from Mimi's Corner
She finds the cutest things for her little Miss C...
...and sends them for my grand daughter Bylla.
There you go my Shmooygirl...
This Gamma has to work tomorrow, so I'll be away from my PC for a bit...
till then

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Talented Maria..Is Having A Give Away!!!..

Maria @ Personalized Sketches and Sentiments...Is having her 100TH post give away!!!
Below are just a few examples of her beautiful work she is giving away, check out how to put your name in for these lovely hand drawn works of art...Did you know that her work is done using a word???
I personally love this eagle I would have it done with my last name!!!

This is my favorite!
Click the link below to take you to Maria's blog for a chance to win!!!

Now here's how to enter (Please leave an comment for each entry):
1. Leave Maria a comment on  Maria's blog post.(Click the above link) & if you'd like, Maria would love to hear about what you would like drawn (you don't need to have a blog to enter, but be sure to leave your email so that she can contact you)....1 entry.
2. Follow her blog...1 entry.
3.  Write about this giveaway in YOUR blog (post...a link back to me, please)...2 entries.
4.  If you grab her button and post it on your sidebar with a link back....1 entry.
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6.  If you visit her daughter's blog ~   theLuckiestMrs
 leave her a comment between now and Sept 29th... 1 entry.
Maria says...(..".I added this special entry, because without her, I would have never known what a blog even was!")
What a lovely way to say thanks...I think we all have a special someone who has helped us in this blogging world!!!!
Giveaways will be open for entries until Sept 29th at midnight EST.  winners will be announced on her following week's post on Oct 14th.

Maria says, for those who Do Not blog***Also, please leave a contact email, if you are not a blogger or to be sure that I can notify you if you are one of those picked.***
What a fantastic 100th  post give away, click her link (above) to enter for these amazing prizes, visit her blog and more prizes to be won....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Beautiful Canadian "German" Town

Welcome To Stony Brook
The towns Dutch replica windmill

Early history

Steinbach (meaning "Stony Brook" in German) was founded in 1874 by German-speaking Mennonite settlers from Russia. The Mennonite Heritage Village museum, located in the city, provides a glimpse at the life of these settlers through a reconstructed village and interpretive displays. Its Dutch windmill, which was rebuilt (with help from Dutch millwrights,my daughters husband J. and her father in-law, were part of this re-construction) after the 1972 replica was destroyed by arson in 2001, is a recognized symbol of the city.

A tour of the little town (City)
I just love how this town looks, there are flowers every were, all towns folk have such pride in their community...and it shows!!!

There is a clock tower in the center of the town, that has an old world charm about it.

It's construction is that of what I saw when I visited England and Wales...This tower is meant to last!
I feel like I am back in the UK when I come here
Close to the clock we stopped for lunch, the patio even had wrought iron chairs and table...just as I would have seen in the UK. It was a bit chilly out side,  so we ate in...
That's how one can tell you are in Canada!!!

We had two huge cups of European coffee, and beef and cheese pinnies. Mr.B is not impressed that he has to wait until I take the picture to eat :)))

We stopped our little European car by this beautiful park that I discovered...I just had to get some shots!

The front path leads to this cedar constructed gazebo...those trees strangely look like...

 Palm trees??? Here??? In the middle of Canada???

I definitely will be keeping my eyes on these tree's,  to see if they come through our cold winters of -40.
Its hard for me to believe it will get that cold ...but it will!!!
Every were we drive in this small city there are flowers down all major streets...can you see them lined up on the road? Every building down town has flowers, people's yards are full of bright colorful petals...
its breath taking!!!
Flowers every were are just another thing this town has in common with Europe

There are so many flowers that we had a visit from this Humming Bird Moth. He was too fast for me to take a shot of so I got this picture from the net...It was as big as some Hummingbirds and he sounded like one too!
I think our library is pretty impressive, not only is it lovely to look at from the out side but, the inside is filled with all kinds of books...tons of them in German too.
Close to the library is a small park, one could take their reading treasures and meander over, and read amongst the flowers.
In the center of the park is a huge Red Wood .... that was cut down with an old fashioned blade that is mounted in the center of this tree.

A description how this town came to be is mounted on another plaque in the same, I didn't know this stuff!!!
I too, was born into a low German heritage. My family is of Low German descent from Prussia. All though my family does not practice the Mennonite religion, but the tight knit German tie's are still there.
(Above)We ended our day with supper at MJ's one of my favorite places...we had porgies with white sauce (a German sauce instead of our traditional Canadian sour cream) with summer sausage, and a butter tar for dessert.Yummy!!!

If you cant make your own German food one can buy it here, along with other country goods.
Like pie fillings porgies,dry goods quilts, paintings, old china...

I bought this here just the other day...

This is a gift for my grand daughter.

I played paper dolls when I was a child...a good memory.

Other pictures below... are from our "new" town.

The Livery Barn...good old fashioned German food.

My favorite flower shop...they serve the best strawberry pie too!!!
My most resent Thanksgiving purchase, from my favorite flower shop.

There is a center fountain, just like in villages in Europe.

 A beautiful golf course.
                                                     For now...Auf Wiedersehen!
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