Thursday, March 26, 2009

gentle eyes

My grandchildren bring such a joy to me that I hardly can contain. I look into their gentle eyes and their inviting smiles and I get all warm inside, like a euphoric feeling that wont go away, bliss that cannot be measured. I nearly fall off my seat with excitement of them. My grandson calls me "gamma", for he cannot yet pronounce the "r". I love it! "Gamma, gamma I won", he screams as he holds up the game that he just played. I run to him and cheer him on, as my baby granddaughter looks on in curiosity. I have so much that I could learn from their simple yet full lives's, they find joy in the smallest of things.
That is what I will do this day, my day off from work I will seek out the small pleasures in life and enjoy living in the moment, with what I have.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my joy

My children... Whom I love so much and am so proud of all three of you.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Shmooygirl

A happy birthday to my only daughter Heather. She's 22 years old today. This wonderful daughter of mine is some one I am so very proud of.
Heather is a stead fast Christian...she loves our Lord Jesus with her whole heart and she desires to serve him fully and openly. This makes me so very proud of her...I remember the day she received the Lord as her Savior when she was only 6 years old.We sat together holding hands, with a gentle smile on her face... she meant every word when she prayed that, she wanted Jesus in her life.
Heather would go to school, and proudly say... that she had two birthdays! The one with her God, was the most important of all. Heather always speaks the Word of the Lord to all those that would listen to her, never hiding in fear for what she truly believes!
This most amazing gal is also a fabulous mom to her three children, loving on them, teaching them, she always has time to play with them too.
Shmooy is also a dedicated wife to her loving husband Jason. She respects this man and her love for him is very evident.
Wisdom beyond her years.
A happy spontaneous way.
Always something kind to say, giving the benefit of the doubt to all.
My gal can cook up a storm in the kitchen too!
She has a cool blog too...(see my side bar)
So my girl if you couldn't tell yet, your ma is very proud of you. You have a face of an angle and a heart to match.......

Happy Birth-Day To You
Here are a few pictures from your party....
Shmoo's Birthday dinner....
Every one is enjoying the ribs and roasted chicken...Heather and cousin Jen. and Dannie The engaged love birds!Matt, to busy eating to look at his Ma's picture taking!Paitin doesnt like the idea of a carpet picnic, while Lucious thinks its great!
I'm sure these two cousins will remain friends, just as like there parents
J. Are you sitting alone? Need a little elbow room... eh?
...Frank and Matt are up for seconds.Time for Mommy's cake. She aksed for strawberry short cake!
Bylla...that's Mommy's candle to blow out.
MmmmmYummyThe opening...
Heather got a home-made apron from cousin Jen.Nice work Jen!
A swifter vac, from Shmooys kids.This gorgeous cross is from her brother Jake and future sister in-law Laura.
And... a few more gifts from from the rest of us.(no Pic's)
Thanks to all for making Heathers 22nd Birthday great!

The clean up...
Thanks mister B.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I love to read... and seeing as how I have gob's of time to read while my two busted ribs heal... due to a snow bank and icy road conditions. Read on, I will...
I don't pretend to be a reader of great books, or some one who can ramble on all the authors and titles of the wondrous books I may have read. I don't always give mindful insight to the things Ive read and understand, and for some reason cannot always purge it forth from my mind.
I read slowly, and cannot brag as some, that they can read a book every 14 days weather it be a deep spiritual book of 400 pages or a 200 page romance novel. Life is just too busy for me as well.
I too cannot always retain all the info I take in but I most certainly get the gist of what the author is saying.
I read for the pleasure of it, I read to gain insight at what ever capacity my cranium will allow. I read to discover new ideas and places and others thoughts.
These days I'm reading a lot about Attention Deficit Disorder in adults . I'm having a greater understanding about how not all of us are born of consistent thought patterns, or to be able to concentrate at will, or the ability to control impulses as easily as others. I'm learning that people with ADD/ADHD cannot help the way they think any more than a person who is short sighted can help the way they see. The person with poor sight will wear prescribed glasses, so too can the person afflicted with a neurological disorder such as ADD/ADHD can gain beneficially with the proper prescribed medication and cognitive therapy, and much understanding through reading updated and well written books.
I write this as one who loves another that has been just diagnosed with such a disorder. Not to say that I don't also have my own neuroses, that I'm dealing with.
I must also say that the pluses to ADD/ADHD are that these individuals are very creative, extremely motivated, highly focused when they love a certain subject.They are usually people with high IQ's. They want to be the best they can be.
In my list of reading I will mark the books I have found beneficial.'under self help' I feel blessed to have discovered not only the diagnosis, but the help we so desperately needed, not only through my reading but by a doctor who specializes in this field and the therapy we have.
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