Thursday, March 26, 2009

gentle eyes

My grandchildren bring such a joy to me that I hardly can contain. I look into their gentle eyes and their inviting smiles and I get all warm inside, like a euphoric feeling that wont go away, bliss that cannot be measured. I nearly fall off my seat with excitement of them. My grandson calls me "gamma", for he cannot yet pronounce the "r". I love it! "Gamma, gamma I won", he screams as he holds up the game that he just played. I run to him and cheer him on, as my baby granddaughter looks on in curiosity. I have so much that I could learn from their simple yet full lives's, they find joy in the smallest of things.
That is what I will do this day, my day off from work I will seek out the small pleasures in life and enjoy living in the moment, with what I have.

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