Friday, August 28, 2009

A Rooster Party

Hello All
I had so many ceramic, wooden, glass roosters when I was a young stay at home mom living on a cattle ranch. We had Semmental beef cattle, we had a donkey named Sara, muscovy ducks, chickens , and yup a beautiful rooster, color's of red, green, yellow... he new he was gorgeous, and he would strut his stuff about.

Due to unforeseen circumstances my whole world changed up side down. I have moved from the farm, selling off my beloved farm yard animals,including my Rooster, and giving away my ceramic ones.

Years later... I find my self in the suburbs of the city going to work in a major cardiac hospital ...what a different world!

As I drive to work, my eye is "naturally" caught by what I think is unusual for the city...A Rooster's welcome, smack dab in the middle of the city!

in the front court yard of an apartment building no less...
here is my white Rooster offering. Some may think this is a hen, but I have owned white roosters, and I think this one's comb gives him away...
They certainly have made the most of this city apartment building...I love to stare as I drive by.

Even though I do not live in the heart is still there.

When I committed to this Rooster Party I forgot I was to be out of the country... so I had to pre book this post, so I hope it goes off with out a hitch!
When I return from Europe, I will visit all who stopped by.
Thank you to Barb, @Bell Vista for allowing me to participate. You can find more Roosters if you go to her blog @

Monday, August 17, 2009

From Canada to Wales

See ya, latter.
Aug.23rd to Sept.8 /09

Fly to Chicago, Aug.23. Then to Copenhagen, land in Wales... Aug24Th
Leave Wales, to Chicago, home to Canada.

See you around Sept 10 Th or 11Th with Pics...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pink Saturday


Happy Pink Saturday to all, and thank you so much for your visit. My contribution for this Saturday is my self and my granddaughter Billa in our pink swim suits. She is the cutest munchkin you'll ever meet, full of mischief and fun..and she loves her gamma, me:) Just to let you all know...I am taking a trip across the "pond" to beautiful Wales, with my wonderful sister Les. Aug.23 rd... so I'll be gone till about the 11 Th of September.
Please have a jaunt over to Beverly blog, our gracious host, for more Pink Bloggers -

Blessings to all, Gracie

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hot Summer Day

Finally we have a warm day! We here in this part of Canada have had nothing but cool temperatures accompanied by rain storms, until yesterday.

Not to make light of the terrible heat that some States, and Provinces are enduring, with fires that rage out of control, like in BC...Our prayers are with them.

As for our wonderfully warm summer day, my grandson Lu. is taking full advantage of the fun things in "gammas" back yard.
A little jump over the sprinkler to cool off.
Then a big jump in the kiddie you can see my granddaughter
Billa is none too impressed with her brothers splash!
Lu plays water foot ball
Stops to watch his sister's strange attempt of getting in to the pool.
Of course she had to change her swim suite, due to her brothers splash. Billa try's to get in the pool on her a very cute way but does can not manage it, gamma has to help her in...but we wont show you a picture of that...gamma in a swim suit, not too cute:)
Eli is under cover sleeping soundly

He's just too beautiful for words, except thank you Lord.

Lets end this perfect day with some water melon
See ya all on Saturday

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gaither Vocal Band, Featuring Mark Lowry

The Gaither Vocal Band/Gaither Group, aired a Special on Broadway. We were able to watch it on a Canadian TV station, CBC.

I've never been big on quartet style of singing...but this was so fantastic...and then Mark Lawry stated to speak...OMG!

Its not often that I cry with laughter at comedians...but this Mark Lawry is the most funniest guy I have ever heard. He joked about ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) which some one I love has, and he made this serious conversation of discussion (for me) a little lighter, so funny...Boy! I needed that!

Also with religion, some times its just too serious.

He joked about shopping at Home Depot, which here in Canada we have... Mark Lowry is so worth the watch, for your convenience just click, and be ready to laugh your socks off!

In this next video from "You Tube" is of Mark Lowry singing with the Gaither brothers/ Gaither Vocal Band "Let Freedom Ring" .

Amazing song I got goose bumps all over.

In this CBC special on Broadway Mark Lowry sang a beautiful duet with his mama.

David Phelps also stared in this production, he has a beautiful diverse voice. Also can be seen on You Tube and he has a web site.

Mark has a couple of CDs out too.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sculptor Artist Leo Mol

Mol was well known for sculpting animals such as bears, graceful female nudes, Ukrainian subjects, and busts or full-length likenesses of prominent personalities. He sculpted portrait-heads of many Winnipeggers, which helped pay his bills and keep his skills sharp for major commissions.

In the course of his career, he sculpted a number of the 50 finalists in the Winnipeg Free Press Greatest Manitobans contest, including Louis Riel, Terry Fox, Sir William Stephenson, Steve Juba and Tom Lamb.

His works around the city include the nine-foot Queen Elizabeth II in the courtyard of the Manitoba Centennial Centre and the sculpture of children climbing a tree in front of the Richardson Building.

Institutions with Mol works in their collections include the Vatican Museum, National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., Art Gallery of Ontario, McMichael Canadian Art Collection and Winnipeg Art Gallery. His pieces are in private and corporate collections throughout Canada, the U.S., England and Europe.

The Leo Mol Sculpture Garden in Assiniboine Park opened in 1992 as a permanent showcase for Mol's body of work. Roughly 250,000 people visit the free attraction each year.

In 2002, the Mol sculpture Lumberjacks was featured on a Canadian postage stamp.

Mol, who continued sculpting until he was nearly 90 years old, was appointed to the Order of Canada in 1989 and to the Order of Manitoba in 2000. He received honorary doctorates from the universities of Manitoba, Winnipeg and Alberta, as well as many other honours. He was an elected member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.

Their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Michael of Kent open the final phase of the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden in Assiniboine Park Winnipeg, while Leo Mol, at left, speaks candidly with them.

The Leo Mol Sculpture Garden in Assiniboine Park opened in 1992 as a permanent showcase for Mol's body of work. Roughly 250,000 people visit the free attraction each year.
Winnipeg sculptor Leo Mol, right, died Saturday, July 4, 2009 at age 94. Here he is pictured with former Canadian prime minister John Diefenbaker. During a Winnipeg-based career lasting more than 50 years, Mol sculpted popes, cardinals, royalty, statesmen, community leaders, artists of the Group of Seven and many other notable figures.
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