Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gaither Vocal Band, Featuring Mark Lowry

The Gaither Vocal Band/Gaither Group, aired a Special on Broadway. We were able to watch it on a Canadian TV station, CBC.

I've never been big on quartet style of singing...but this was so fantastic...and then Mark Lawry stated to speak...OMG!

Its not often that I cry with laughter at comedians...but this Mark Lawry is the most funniest guy I have ever heard. He joked about ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) which some one I love has, and he made this serious conversation of discussion (for me) a little lighter, so funny...Boy! I needed that!

Also with religion, some times its just too serious.

He joked about shopping at Home Depot, which here in Canada we have... Mark Lowry is so worth the watch, for your convenience just click, and be ready to laugh your socks off!

In this next video from "You Tube" is of Mark Lowry singing with the Gaither brothers/ Gaither Vocal Band "Let Freedom Ring" .

Amazing song I got goose bumps all over.

In this CBC special on Broadway Mark Lowry sang a beautiful duet with his mama.

David Phelps also stared in this production, he has a beautiful diverse voice. Also can be seen on You Tube and he has a web site.

Mark has a couple of CDs out too.


  1. Oh my we love these guys and have several of their CD's . He is too funny. Happy you had a smile today.

  2. Hi again I also have a salad bowel and the salt and pepper and also the cake plate that goes. I love them.

  3. Dear Gracie,
    Really enjoyed your post.
    Watched the you tube videos.

  4. HI TRACY!!!!
    I will come back and watch all the videos later, I needed to get your address to send the shirt to you, e-mail me at for amount I will just guess at shipping and if it's to low, ok no big deal

  5. i went and watched the videos, loved the song and the comedy was hilarious! I liked the HomeDepot stuff too!

  6. Good Morning Gracie!
    I will come back and visit so I can watch the videos and really enjoy them. Some things cannot be rushed. I am so glad you stopped by and that you liked the "Cure Diabetes" background. Debbie, Daddy and I are all insulin diabetics so it is near and dear to me. I hope someday I will be able to at least get off of the insulin, and lead a more normal life. Thanks for stopping by as always I love to see your smiling face. Take care. Country Hugs and love, Sherry

  7. I have loved these guys for a LONG time. I have met Mark Lowry and seen the group at a "Homecoming" Gaither concert. I have lots of their CDs and was very sad when Mark chose to leave the group though I do know he sings with them occasionally. Did you know he wrote the Christmas song "Mary did you know?" ?? I cry every time I hear it!!

  8. Hi Gracie! What a great post! Mark Lowry made me laugh, and I was most impressed with David Phelps' performance! I would love to hear more from him!.. Beautiful song from the group!.. How is little Eli doing? Hope both he and Mommy are doing well!.. and that you'll post new photos soon! ~tina

  9. Gracie, thank you so much for the comments on my blog. You're so sweet. I am so glad you came by so that I could find your blog. I love it. I just watched the Mark Lowry video...he is too funny. I need to check some more of him out. I'll be back often to see what you are up to.

  10. I listened to the music and I love it. Thank you for sharing

  11. Hello, Gracie,
    I am glad you were able to enjoy the Gaithers and Mark Lowry. Their music is so inspirational, and I feel so close to God when I listen to them. Mark Lowry is so funny. I am glad we have comedians that can be funny without being crude. Thanks for sharing the program with us. Hope your week is a good one so far. Vicki

  12. Awe sweet sweet summer weather and time to splash in water.
    Your Grandbabies are the sweetest.
    Ready for a little cooler weather here, although I think our summer has been milder than many before it.

  13. Have really enjoyed Mark Lowry's humor. He's funny and real. Loved his perception of Mary, wow, what a blessing! Thanks for posting it!


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