Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Time To Slow Down...

Blogging is some thing I no longer can do with out hurting...
It was about this time last year I had to stop blogging.
My GP diagnosed  me with "mixed connective tissue disorder".

My AMA test came back positive in low a teter
and bilateral bursitis in my hips.
 For me this means I no longer can sit for great lengths of time with out my hips painfully burning.
Driving in the car for an hour is excruciating.
Walking too much is difficult too. When church finished two Sunday's ago the weather was unusually mild,  I decided to walk the two and a half blocks back to our house...
 my hips seized up and I hobbled home in a lot of pain.
Work is out of the question for my fast paced job at the hospital.

My Rheumatologist said I have bursitis in both my hips and said that pain killers were the only thing I could do for it. So eleven months ago I took cortisone shots in both hips...ouch!
It was worth it at the time...
I was miraculously pain free for almost a year. I returned back to my full time job at the hospital.
 My Rheumatologist said the effects of the cortisone would wear off...
Boy did it!!!
Not only is the pain in my hips back but new symptoms keep appearing... My hands are so stiff and painful, my arms too,  right up to my shoulders there is pain.
Picking up my beautiful grandchildren has become difficult to do.
I have had to go on an a medical LOA from work, yet again...

Cortisone is not good for the body, there are health risks...
Also with the shots one never know how much damage is being done
 with over use of the body...cortisone numbs the pain!
 So I am choosing not to take the shots again until I really feel I can no longer function with out it.
Other strange symptoms show up that resemble lupus.
 Rash on both my cheeks that come and go.
(although not over the bridge of my nose)
 Sores on the roof of my mouth/nose that too come and go, fatigue...
With out a positive ANA it cant be lupus... 
I have discovered my GP of 25+ years, the one who diagnosed me with
 MCTD in the first place has retired!!!
(finding a doctor out here is near impossible).
Desperate for help in went to a "walk in clinic"  the Doctor there says
 I am depressed and that is what is causing the pain...Maybe I am???
  But that doesn't explain the the positive AMA test, nor the bursitis!
Weather it be... mctd or lupus or bursitis or even depression!
All I know is I can no longer function as I used to.
All I can do is take it easy and slow down in the things that increase the pain...
Like sitting at the computer too long.

My hope is that some one, maybe even in "blog land" might be able to give me some insight...
 for the doctors don't seem to know.
This is my explanation as to why I have stopped blogging again.
I just didn't want to "bail" like I did a year ago....
Thanks to those friends that stuck around in the slow times.
Also to those who are not bloggers who visit my blog...G and the K's! 
Thank you to my ever faithful blog follower... my daughter Shmoo...
who enjoyed my blog the most!
I love your blog too!
I shall miss blogging I do enjoy it.
I shall in small amount's keep up with blog reading,
 so don't be surprised to see "comments" left by me from time to time.
(Your prayers are always welcome:-)
Blessings to all...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembrance Day 2010


                                   How Do You Remember?

Remembrance Day is symbolized by the artificial poppies that people wear and place at war memorials. The poppies may be worn or placed singly or as wreaths. The use of the poppy as a symbol of remembrance comes from a poem written by John McCrae, a Canadian doctor serving in the military. The poem is called In Flanders Fields and describes the poppies growing in the Flemish graveyards where soldiers were buried.
Poppies grow well in soil that has been disturbed. They also grew in large numbers on battle fields. The red color of their petals reminded people of the blood lost by victims of and casualties in the conflict.

We remembered this day by wearing our little red poppies at our work place. Also on our coats, as travel along our day we see others who deem it important enough to tag them on their person, and we will wear them for the next few days.
                    The Tank...                                             
As I and Mr.B sat together this am, a day off for most from ones daily job...we complained about how we could not buy milk this morning and would have to wait till 1130 or so, then a huge army tank drove very slowly past our living room window, we both jumped up to watch it pass... the eerie tank made us become very mindful of this important day and the sacrifices that so many gave so we and our children and grandchildren can live in freedom...We quickly changed our minds and both agreed that it is a good thing that the government makes us "fast" from some a morning with out we too can remember!
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