Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembrance Day 2010


                                   How Do You Remember?

Remembrance Day is symbolized by the artificial poppies that people wear and place at war memorials. The poppies may be worn or placed singly or as wreaths. The use of the poppy as a symbol of remembrance comes from a poem written by John McCrae, a Canadian doctor serving in the military. The poem is called In Flanders Fields and describes the poppies growing in the Flemish graveyards where soldiers were buried.
Poppies grow well in soil that has been disturbed. They also grew in large numbers on battle fields. The red color of their petals reminded people of the blood lost by victims of and casualties in the conflict.

We remembered this day by wearing our little red poppies at our work place. Also on our coats, as travel along our day we see others who deem it important enough to tag them on their person, and we will wear them for the next few days.
                    The Tank...                                             
As I and Mr.B sat together this am, a day off for most from ones daily job...we complained about how we could not buy milk this morning and would have to wait till 1130 or so, then a huge army tank drove very slowly past our living room window, we both jumped up to watch it pass... the eerie tank made us become very mindful of this important day and the sacrifices that so many gave so we and our children and grandchildren can live in freedom...We quickly changed our minds and both agreed that it is a good thing that the government makes us "fast" from some a morning with out we too can remember!


  1. very moving mother. i do take for grated too the freedom we have. as i read the book tea with hazbollia, i see that there are wars still to this day, every where and seeing dead people on the road and things blowing up is an every day thing in there country. it has opened my eyes to how great canada is and how greatful i'm for the poeple who dead to make it that way. thanks for making this post. love you. May God bless those who still fight for our freedom.

    HAPPY REMEMBRANCE DAY TO YOU, I do believe Canada and the USA both celebrate the day on 11-11, why that day is chosen, I really do not knwo, but I sure am glad we do.
    It sure makes one think how truly blessed we really are.
    I am so glad Canada and the USA are such good friends!!!
    have a blessed day my sweet friend,


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