Sunday, April 25, 2010

Book Read

Join in the read of........

“The Sylph” by Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire

Heather Carroll, who wrote the foreword to the paperback and also helped us edit the book text for publication, is having a group read of said novel on her website. Why don’t grab a copy and run on over to her blog to join in the fun?
Below is an excerpt of Heather’s foreword.

Georgiana had an unusual upbringing for an aristocrat. Her parents were in love, and she was raised in a household with strong family values. At the age of sixteen she enthusiastically entered a marriage with the Duke of Devonshire, expe
cting their marriage to be just like that of her parents. The Duke’s outlook on the marriage was entirely different from Georgiana’s. For him, marriage was merely a necessary means of securing heirs.
The environment Georgiana entered was an entirely foreign one. She automatically became a member of the elite society of the most powerful people known as the ton or the beau monde. These were the people who decided who or what was in and what was out. For a girl not yet eighteen, this must have been an intimidating situation. Luckily for Georgiana she was blessed with a tenacity and a chameleon-like adaptability which allowed her to survive not only her marriage but also her social situation. She eventually became
not only accepted but also celebrated.
But deep down inside Georgiana felt like a naïve girl who knew nothing of the world she now took part in. It is that inner, scared child that becomes Julia, the heroine of The Sylph. While it is not an autobiography, The Sylph depicts many reveal
ing, real-life situations from Georgiana’s social circle. Published anonymously when she was twenty-one, the book shocked many due to its revelations. Today the book is just as eye-opening as it was when it was published.
I copied this intro to this exciting book...The Sylph written by none other than the Duchess her self...Georgina, the Duchess of Devonshire from Girlebooks. I became intrigued with The Duchess of Devon shire after I saw the movie for the 3rd time. In the need to know more about this fascinating lady, I came across a blog site about The Duchess...Heather Carroll the author of this blog is holding a group read on the book mentioned above...very click the button to Heathers blog and join the read.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boxes and Boxes and More Boxes!!!

Well... we are moving to cleaner, clearer pastures. I and Mr.B. have bought a sweet house, that looks a bit like a Swiss Shayla...(see older posts) in a small predominately Low German city close to my daughter Heather and her family. You can visit my daughters blog at......... So needless to say we have been very busy packing and my living room and dinning room are full of boxes!
My granddaughter Bylla found my packed shoe box, and came prancing out of the room were they were neatly packed in... with a pair of my stiletto boots on!

Hmmm...I cant even wear those things anymore!!! Here she is all balanced like a cute baby super model!
... A super granddaughter who made her Gamma laugh.

And, whats this???
Mr.B fell asleep while playing computer games with Lu. Not much packing going on here! Elijah is pulling himself up these days...soon he'll be walking, but I dont think I can get this little fella to help me.
There is so much to do besides pack.We have to make many decisions on how to decorate our new home. Flooring to choose, carpets for the rec room, window replacement, and the list goes on and on...

Here are some samples of the hard wood flooring we are looking at. I am partial to the lighter one to the left, it will go nicely with the new dark wood dinning set we are buying for our new home.

Well...I guess I better get back to packing, does'nt seem like sleeping beauty(Mr.B:) is waking up any time soon!!!


I wont be at my blog for a while, we take possession May1 st...See ya all around then, hugs to all

Ohhhhhhhh its good to be back to blog land! Thank you to all for your warm welcome back.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Duchess

I have watched the wonderful movie The Duchess staring Keira Knightley ,who did a fabulous job on the big screen portraying ... Georgiana, The Duchess of Devon shire.

I have viewed "The Duchess" for the third time...I do believe it is a favorite of mine.

While watching the movie I have come to admire this brave young lady as she was forced to live with her adulterous husband. She seemed to have been a lady of stylish costume, in dress and hat.

Some one who seemed to be loved by her friends and society.
Loved by her children...this movie broke my heart when she had to hand over her daughter Eliza to her lovers family or lose her other children to her cruel husband the Duke of Devon shire...I took on a great interest in the movie at this point.
This strong lady... displayed her deep love for her children and she would do anything to keep them... .
"G" would even give up her own freedom for her children, her love is portrayed in the painting above.
This film reminds me of the book "The Weaker Vessel" by Antonia Fraser.
It's about strong women through out history. Women who have displayed amazing strength...For "weaker vessels"...we sure are strong!
I have my own history to testify to that!!
Now, I do not pretend to have a lot of knowledge of this story"The Duchess" nor the period...just have a love for England and it's history.
I do have a lot of knowledge of Devon shire cream though!...It is to die for!
I'll soon post this yummy cream I enjoyed so much on my food blog(see side bar).... I enjoyed this cream on a daily bases while visiting England and Wales....
For more info on this interesting The Duchess of Devon shire, please visit a wonderful blog I found... "The Duchess of Devon shire"
See my side bar or visit another link I found on this intriguing lady... below.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Run Towards...

To run away from things is never a solution to ones problems. On the other hand to run towards some thing, such as a job, new home, or church even for family reasons...can be a benefit to ones emotions and spiritual and perhaps even financial well being.
I and Mr. B. are happy to say we are running away together for all the reasons above...
to a thriving little city in our Provence.
We are soon to enjoy this lovely home we just recently purchased...
on a beautiful property.

I can Mr. B. can hardly wait. The Lord has been good, not only to find us a home and community were we will thrive in Him, but also he included all the important things that would encourage my Mr.B. to have a second look at moving. You Lord, took care of every detail even the smallest ones. I am so grateful....thank you so much Lord. For you really know the reasons why I needed this

...I can hardly wait to see what you have next in store.

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