Sunday, April 25, 2010

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“The Sylph” by Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire

Heather Carroll, who wrote the foreword to the paperback and also helped us edit the book text for publication, is having a group read of said novel on her website. Why don’t grab a copy and run on over to her blog to join in the fun?
Below is an excerpt of Heather’s foreword.

Georgiana had an unusual upbringing for an aristocrat. Her parents were in love, and she was raised in a household with strong family values. At the age of sixteen she enthusiastically entered a marriage with the Duke of Devonshire, expe
cting their marriage to be just like that of her parents. The Duke’s outlook on the marriage was entirely different from Georgiana’s. For him, marriage was merely a necessary means of securing heirs.
The environment Georgiana entered was an entirely foreign one. She automatically became a member of the elite society of the most powerful people known as the ton or the beau monde. These were the people who decided who or what was in and what was out. For a girl not yet eighteen, this must have been an intimidating situation. Luckily for Georgiana she was blessed with a tenacity and a chameleon-like adaptability which allowed her to survive not only her marriage but also her social situation. She eventually became
not only accepted but also celebrated.
But deep down inside Georgiana felt like a naïve girl who knew nothing of the world she now took part in. It is that inner, scared child that becomes Julia, the heroine of The Sylph. While it is not an autobiography, The Sylph depicts many reveal
ing, real-life situations from Georgiana’s social circle. Published anonymously when she was twenty-one, the book shocked many due to its revelations. Today the book is just as eye-opening as it was when it was published.
I copied this intro to this exciting book...The Sylph written by none other than the Duchess her self...Georgina, the Duchess of Devonshire from Girlebooks. I became intrigued with The Duchess of Devon shire after I saw the movie for the 3rd time. In the need to know more about this fascinating lady, I came across a blog site about The Duchess...Heather Carroll the author of this blog is holding a group read on the book mentioned above...very click the button to Heathers blog and join the read.


  1. Hi Tracy,
    I am so happy you have stopped by but am sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Fresh country air is sure to help! I would be so happy to have you join me for my tea parties once you get settled. I'm certain I could learn a few things from you. It's good to hear from you again. Take care and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!


  2. Sounds good!!

    Hi Sweet Tracy, Thank you so much for your birthday wishes, I always love it when you come to visit :)

  3. HI!!!!
    I am so glad you are back as we share so much in common!!!!
    I still have buy that movie on my to do list!!!!
    I will have to read that book on line!!!!
    So very cool!!!
    How is moving going????
    I know alot of work!!!!
    have a blessed week

  4. I am sorry mommy but i want be able to read that book right now. sorry. i am already in 3 books. but i love your new blog back round, very you !!!love you.

  5. This looks like a fascinating read! I will be sure to visit the site that discusses the book, it looks like a book I would like very much.
    Have a wonderful week and thanks for coming by to visit!

  6. I loved the movie. I love this period in time and will have to read the book. In a way she reminded me of Diana. Thank you.

  7. This book sounds great!! I'm always on the lookout for a good read!!!
    Thank you!!

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