Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boxes and Boxes and More Boxes!!!

Well... we are moving to cleaner, clearer pastures. I and Mr.B. have bought a sweet house, that looks a bit like a Swiss Shayla...(see older posts) in a small predominately Low German city close to my daughter Heather and her family. You can visit my daughters blog at......... So needless to say we have been very busy packing and my living room and dinning room are full of boxes!
My granddaughter Bylla found my packed shoe box, and came prancing out of the room were they were neatly packed in... with a pair of my stiletto boots on!

Hmmm...I cant even wear those things anymore!!! Here she is all balanced like a cute baby super model!
... A super granddaughter who made her Gamma laugh.

And, whats this???
Mr.B fell asleep while playing computer games with Lu. Not much packing going on here! Elijah is pulling himself up these days...soon he'll be walking, but I dont think I can get this little fella to help me.
There is so much to do besides pack.We have to make many decisions on how to decorate our new home. Flooring to choose, carpets for the rec room, window replacement, and the list goes on and on...

Here are some samples of the hard wood flooring we are looking at. I am partial to the lighter one to the left, it will go nicely with the new dark wood dinning set we are buying for our new home.

Well...I guess I better get back to packing, does'nt seem like sleeping beauty(Mr.B:) is waking up any time soon!!!


I wont be at my blog for a while, we take possession May1 st...See ya all around then, hugs to all

Ohhhhhhhh its good to be back to blog land! Thank you to all for your warm welcome back.


  1. What a beautiful post !! Hope you are having a great time with your Kids..Nice post !!

  2. HI!!!
    Happy Packing and enjoy every step of the way!!!!
    Love those kiddos!!!
    I will be on the look out for more french theme dresses for her!!!!
    Love ya,

  3. wow mom, could you have found a better pic of Elijah?!?!?! like look at his eyes. lol
    but great post. i love reading your post's. love ya.

    Lovealways Heather

  4. Hey Shmoo
    I thought the picture is cute! Its the only one I have of him standing...we all know he has beautiful blue eyes:)

  5. Good luck with the move! Moving is so stressful, but wonderful when it is to a place you love!

  6. the packing photos! Especially your Mr. B's resting photo. Yes, you have quite the little super model! I love that her hands are in her pockets :o) And your Elijah is too cute! Love his big blue eyes.
    That is so wonderful that you will be living closer to your daughter.
    Wah! I want to move to Kentucky as soon as we can, so that we can be closer to where our kids are.

    Blessings & Aloha!


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