Monday, April 5, 2010

Run Towards...

To run away from things is never a solution to ones problems. On the other hand to run towards some thing, such as a job, new home, or church even for family reasons...can be a benefit to ones emotions and spiritual and perhaps even financial well being.
I and Mr. B. are happy to say we are running away together for all the reasons above...
to a thriving little city in our Provence.
We are soon to enjoy this lovely home we just recently purchased...
on a beautiful property.

I can Mr. B. can hardly wait. The Lord has been good, not only to find us a home and community were we will thrive in Him, but also he included all the important things that would encourage my Mr.B. to have a second look at moving. You Lord, took care of every detail even the smallest ones. I am so grateful....thank you so much Lord. For you really know the reasons why I needed this

...I can hardly wait to see what you have next in store.


  1. I am sooooooooo happy your moving out here. i can't wait till soccorr nights and we can walk over to your place and have ice cream in the back yard, and having the bbq's out there too. and spending the days walking around the town with the kids. oh and i love your blog back round.. love you !!!

  2. I found it!!! I found it!!! I am so happy with my accomplishment today!:) and when might you be moving? and where to?? me being in the States, where are you in Canada? above Michigan by chance?? Oh my, what would we do if we didn't believe in God? I look forward every day to see what He has in store for me!! I, too, have been so blessed and I just expect miracles constantly!! Every day is a miracle! The sound of a child's laughter!! The "I love you, Nana!" makes me smile! and you, Tracy, just absolutely made my day!! Thank you!!
    Pink Hugs!!
    Dee @deeslittlepinkie

  3. @Hearther,I am so excited too...I can hardly wait to get there.
    @Dee,I and MrB. are leave the capital city of Manitoba. We are moving to a smaller city, its very pretty,surrounded by farm land... were I am my family can attend church together.Our closest USA neighbour would be ND and MN.

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I am soooo happy that you are back! I have seriously been looking for you! I thought "OH, had stopped blogging!" cuz I would keep going to a Touch of Grace, but it would come up with a message saying it no longer existed!" And then I never had your email, so whenever I would try to try to find always was a blank!

    Anywhoooo! Yay! thank you so much for commenting...I am only now trying to catch up, since my Mr. B is sound asleep...still trying not to be on the computer when he is up, so that I am spending quality time...even if it is sitting in the living room watching a show together :o)

    Oh, I could go on and on! Please email me directly so that I dont "lose" communication.

    And I hope that you are feeling better!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  5. Hello Maria
    I am so sorry I just stopped blogging like that...I not only became ill, but I fell into a bit of a depression.I am so glad to be blogging again,if only a little at a time.I will gladly e-mail you.
    Hugs to first is what I believe...there is time for our hobbies later:)


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