Wednesday, July 28, 2010

House Update

and Mr.B have been so very busy with our new home in the country...We love our new German community and house, as you can see the floors are layed. Work still needs to be done like wall paper removel, painting, bathrooms, bed rooms ect,ect
... but Rome wasn't built in a day!

The new floors are all installed...Ivy (seal point Himalayan) makes her self comfy on the area rug.

Red accents are taking shape.
Get that pink window treatment down!!!

My newest purchase for the house, my Uttermost lamps!
Remember the wall paper that had to come down..well as you can see I am have a wee bit of trouble!!!
If any one has some hints on how to get stubborn paper down please do tell.

This old painting I bought about 10 years ago...I've put it back into good use.

The red colors look good in the living room.
I love the antiquity of this painting.

Theres all ways time to play with our newest kitty...
Lilly Pad she's a seal/flame point Siamese

Mr.B works hard at putting things together, its a lot more work than I thought it would be!!!
...but my man does a great job with every thing.

New foe granite counter tops.
My new double sink looks sharp,
and the pull out faucet is a dream!!!
Back splash soon to be done.

The travertine marble back splash is waiting its turn to go up in the kitchen.
This is my little bit 'O fun my hubby got me to go back and forth to work....
Now, that I and my daughter live so close together we and the kids can meet for a country breakfast... the Rise and Shine!
(Every thing is so !!!)

The grandchildren play on there swing set at Gammas new house.
By the by....Grand baby number four, due March 2011
My daughter "Shmooygirl" under the apple tree when in bloom in spring.
Even Vanilla Kisses our Norwegen Forest cat is enjoying the shade of the apple tree.
My first harvest of apples from my back yard tree...
See my side bar for my food blog, some interesting apple recipes there!!!

So there you have buying, decortating, working full time, grandbabies, wonder I dont have time for my blog.
I sure do miss it though...I hope I can do more blogging soon and join in Pink Saturdays again.

Until the next God Bless

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