Saturday, May 30, 2009

PINK SATURDAY Up The Garden Path

I bought these little beauties at my favorite store. There is an endearing dialog imprinted on them about two woman strolling through the garden path. There little chit chat follows:

Gwendolen quite a well kept garden this is, Miss Cardew

Cecley So glad you like it, Miss Fairfax

Gwendolen I had no idea there were any flowers in the country

Cecley oh, flowers are as common here, Miss Fairfax as people are in London

Oscar-Wilde (1854-1900) The Importance of Being Earnest

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reading: Wonderful Tonight by, Pattie Boyd

As the weather gets colder I find my nose turns towards a book.... again.
 My most resent obsession is with the book written by Pattie Boyd, Wonderful Tonight.
A friend has loaned me this exciting book to read...funny thing is I never heard of this famous lady until now!
Even in my younger days I didn't know of her... I was not allowed to listen torock and roll  music, so I had little or no knowledge of Pattie or her famous husbands.
Below: Pattie in 2005

Pattie in 2005
Pattie Boyd, former wife of George Harrison and Eric Clapton, poses at an exhibition at V!PS Gallery on in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
(Photo by Rob Verhorst/Redferns)
She had an expedition of the photos she had taken.

Pattie Boyd has the most amazing story to tell, I find it most intriguing, especially after I have also just finished Chris O'Dells book...the two were friends.

Pattie and George Harrison of The Beatles and Chris O'Dell, Patties friend lived in this huge manssion...
Friar Park.

 A beautiful red brick 25 bed room house.Below: the gate house.
Below:Pattie in 2007
For a brief over view of the book click the link:
Pattie Boyd was once married to George Harrison from the Beatles

George Harrison far right...As if you didn't know:)
George wrote the song "Something" for her.

She also was married to Eric Clapton.
He wrote the song "Wonderful Tonight" and one of my favorites..."Layla".

Pattie was also a famous model in the 1960's


Here she is poses with the famous 70's model Twiggy...I remember her!!!

Her life has changed quite a bit from her famous days of old.

She says... she finds that a life full of girl friends is a better life, then a life with a famous man.
In her book "Wonderful Tonight"
Below, her autobiography “Wonderful Today"

...on my wish list!!!
Pattie today

He Really is Lord of Lords!!!

 **Click the screen to see.**

Little Apple Tree in Bloom

This little apple tree (my baby) is in bloom, and I have to get her in to the ground today. Its been so cold here on the prairies that I dared not bring her out of the garage until now.

I first have to get this old Birch stump out of the ground, and replace this old thing with my beautiful new apple tree.
I called out to my hubby to come do the heavy work, he came with a few tools to do the job, started to whack away at the stump when.......

this little Chickadee flew out of the stump, and sat on a near by branch watching us in horror.

We walked to the other side of the old tree and there was a hole, and deep inside there is a nest with baby birds.

So, hubby still is digging a hole for me and my tree, just not in the spot we planned. We didn't disturb mommy bird and her wee gang.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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A night out with my sister and brother in law. In support of ANAVET (Air force,Navy,Army Veterans)
The front picture is of my hubby, my brother in law paid $1.00 to put him in "play jail", it would take another dollar to bail him out...all in support of ANAVET. We play "horse races". Had barbecued steak for our dinner. My sister and her husband are jazz dancers, the only picture I got of them that night unfortunately didn't turn out so good, none the less we all had a good night.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


"May God bless and protect you and your husband, and your children,and your grandchildren. Here is to trusting that through Gods infinite guidance we will be able to grow in friendship in which God be the center and foremost."Rachaels blessing to me.

May you rest in Gods loving arms Rachael, your pain is no more. Rachael died this morning at the age of 38 years. Rachael fought a gallant fight against her diabetes.
The three amegos.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Happiness

A few pictures of things that bring me joy
I love Italian food, I make this cusine as often as my family will allow.

My all time favorite painter, the great Monet

This remindes me of my beautiful grandchildren

Cheese cake, Red Wine, and Tea...need I say more?

Time in the garden, so peaceful, and meditative.

A good soak in bubbles,mmm

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Apple tree

This is my neighbours apple tree in winter, it is so beautiful even with the snow all around, and the tiny apples stay on the tree to feed the birds all winter long.
In spring as it is now, the tree will bloom into a huge ball of millions of tiny pink flowers. The air is filled with sweet smells. God couldn't have made a more pleasant Oder...too bad my husbands nose doesn't work so good.... he misses out on so many wonderful aromas.
I love this tree so much, that I have been hankering after one for long a while. My lovely daughter and her husband presented me with a gift certificate on Mothers Day to there local garden center in Stienbach... (the best Ive ever seen)

I bought my self an apple tree. Its about 6 feet high with little buds all over it...I can hardly wait for it to bloom.
I wonder how hubby will take the news, that he now has to dig me a hole to put the tree in???

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Mom

I found this poem on another blog, it describes perfectly what Iam feeling on this tender mothers day...I love you mom.

Look At Me!!
I screamed aloud Mum hear me....hear me mum.
I need few moments of your time.
Mum I have no one but you to wipe the tears from my eyes..Only you mum...the light of my heart.
Where your kindness has gone? Where your love has gone? Years and I still mourn them !!
You are always busy mum..Mum remember me.. Pour me with your generous love.. I want to hear your sweet words..
Mum give me the chance to live my life and my dreams again.
Be pleased with me Mum... I will always wait you and ask you to look at me.. Look at me
Mum for only one more time.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

On this snowy May9th

I can hardly believe, that its snowing today.Although the big fluffy white flake were drifting softly to the ground, and oh how beautiful it was, it also was disapointing for May 9th, a day before mothers day. Alas this is Canada.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Day With My Grandchildren May5 2009

I spent the day at my daughter's farm with her two grand kids. We had a fun filled day, played in the yard were we took these pictures, went for a walk down the pasture to the water hole, were millions of tadpoles were swimming, my grandson was completely enthralled with them. The horse's started to follow us back to the yard, that made me nervous, but my daughter is brave or just used to these huge creatures, that lumed over us, she was not afraid at all. We went to Dairy Queen a kids resturant, were they have a play center for the kids...the children love that(the other pics). I guess we spent too much time in the sun for when I arrived home I looked in the mirror and my face was red as a tomato! All in all, I had a wonderful day with them.Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 1, 2009

My Sons 25th Birthday

If anything will make you feel a wee bit older it would be the birthday of your sons 25th. Today at 6am 25 years ago I gave birth to a beautiful blond, blue eyed, 8.9 pound baby boy. The birth was most difficult to say the lest...epidural and all. Three days later I took this large bundle of joy home... and 25 years later I celebrate with my family and friends his 25th birthday. (Pictures to follow)The party was great, my sister even joined in the festivaties, my sons best friend was there as well as his brother...we all gorged on barbiqued short ribs and the fixens...drank red wine and beer. Heres to you my son...enjoy your youth!
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