Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Day With My Grandchildren May5 2009

I spent the day at my daughter's farm with her two children...my grand kids. We had a fun filled day, played in the yard were we took these pictures, went for a walk down the pasture to the water hole, were millions of tadpoles were swimming, my grandson was completely enthralled with them. The horse's started to follow us back to the yard, that made me nervous, but my daughter is brave or just used to these huge creatures, that lumed over us, she was not afraid at all. We went to Dairy Queen a kids resturant, were they have a play center for the kids...the children love that(the other pics). I guess we spent too much time in the sun for when I arrived home I looked in the mirror and my face was red as a tomato! All in all, I had a wonderful day with them.Posted by Picasa

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