Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little Apple Tree in Bloom

This little apple tree (my baby) is in bloom, and I have to get her in to the ground today. Its been so cold here on the prairies that I dared not bring her out of the garage until now.

I first have to get this old Birch stump out of the ground, and replace this old thing with my beautiful new apple tree.
I called out to my hubby to come do the heavy work, he came with a few tools to do the job, started to whack away at the stump when.......

this little Chickadee flew out of the stump, and sat on a near by branch watching us in horror.

We walked to the other side of the old tree and there was a hole, and deep inside there is a nest with baby birds.

So, hubby still is digging a hole for me and my tree, just not in the spot we planned. We didn't disturb mommy bird and her wee gang.


  1. DEar little chickadee...Happy weekend, xv.

  2. that is so cutie so the bridy are safe and still have there home? i wish i could be a brid. arnt all baby so cutie.

  3. Happy Pink Saturday! Your Apple blossoms are gorgeous!

  4. What a pretty pink apple tree for a special Pink Saturday! And that chickadee is the cutest thing ever. I have Lenox Winter Greetings Christmas china that has chickadees on it, and I love them... they're such precious little birds.

    Happy Pink Saturday! Glad you joined in the fun...


    Sheila :-)

  5. I like the birdhouse on the stump. Will you keep it like that? I love chickadees and I know she is happy you let her be. Have a fabulous day. :) Lynn

  6. Sheila
    I'd love to see those addiction is dishes.

  7. Lynn
    I am not sure weather I'll keep it or not.The Chickadee stays here all winter, maybe she may need it for the cold months?


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