Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reading: Wonderful Tonight by, Pattie Boyd

As the weather gets colder I find my nose turns towards a book.... again.
 My most resent obsession is with the book written by Pattie Boyd, Wonderful Tonight.
A friend has loaned me this exciting book to read...funny thing is I never heard of this famous lady until now!
Even in my younger days I didn't know of her... I was not allowed to listen torock and roll  music, so I had little or no knowledge of Pattie or her famous husbands.
Below: Pattie in 2005

Pattie in 2005
Pattie Boyd, former wife of George Harrison and Eric Clapton, poses at an exhibition at V!PS Gallery on in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
(Photo by Rob Verhorst/Redferns)
She had an expedition of the photos she had taken.

Pattie Boyd has the most amazing story to tell, I find it most intriguing, especially after I have also just finished Chris O'Dells book...the two were friends.

Pattie and George Harrison of The Beatles and Chris O'Dell, Patties friend lived in this huge manssion...
Friar Park.

 A beautiful red brick 25 bed room house.Below: the gate house.
Below:Pattie in 2007
For a brief over view of the book click the link:
Pattie Boyd was once married to George Harrison from the Beatles

George Harrison far right...As if you didn't know:)
George wrote the song "Something" for her.

She also was married to Eric Clapton.
He wrote the song "Wonderful Tonight" and one of my favorites..."Layla".

Pattie was also a famous model in the 1960's


Here she is poses with the famous 70's model Twiggy...I remember her!!!

Her life has changed quite a bit from her famous days of old.

She says... she finds that a life full of girl friends is a better life, then a life with a famous man.
In her book "Wonderful Tonight"
Below, her autobiography “Wonderful Today"

...on my wish list!!!
Pattie today

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