Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Apple tree

This is my neighbours apple tree in winter, it is so beautiful even with the snow all around, and the tiny apples stay on the tree to feed the birds all winter long.
In spring as it is now, the tree will bloom into a huge ball of millions of tiny pink flowers. The air is filled with sweet smells. God couldn't have made a more pleasant Oder...too bad my husbands nose doesn't work so good.... he misses out on so many wonderful aromas.
I love this tree so much, that I have been hankering after one for long a while. My lovely daughter and her husband presented me with a gift certificate on Mothers Day to there local garden center in Stienbach... (the best Ive ever seen)
http:// www.oakridgegreenhouse.ca

I bought my self an apple tree. Its about 6 feet high with little buds all over it...I can hardly wait for it to bloom.
I wonder how hubby will take the news, that he now has to dig me a hole to put the tree in???


  1. Tracy, I am glad you have your apple tree.I think it will be wonderful to have two apple trees on the same block.
    I am amazed that the apples stay on the tree all winter long to feed the birds...I never knew that before.
    I cant wait to see it in bloom.
    Your friend Frank

  2. hooray,
    for newly planted trees and hubbies who will help with such treasured work!
    salut du midi

  3. Frank...
    Come on over an help dig a hole???

    dancing doc...
    Thanx, for dropping.I'll visit with you again soon.

  4. Hmmmm, another hole.
    Now I got a legitmate reason to go to home depot and get that heavy duty contractors shovel I allways wanted.

    Love You Sweetie.

    Your Hubby.


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