Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hot Summer Day

Finally we have a warm day! We here in this part of Canada have had nothing but cool temperatures accompanied by rain storms, until yesterday.

Not to make light of the terrible heat that some States, and Provinces are enduring, with fires that rage out of control, like in BC...Our prayers are with them.

As for our wonderfully warm summer day, my grandson Lu. is taking full advantage of the fun things in "gammas" back yard.
A little jump over the sprinkler to cool off.
Then a big jump in the kiddie you can see my granddaughter
Billa is none too impressed with her brothers splash!
Lu plays water foot ball
Stops to watch his sister's strange attempt of getting in to the pool.
Of course she had to change her swim suite, due to her brothers splash. Billa try's to get in the pool on her a very cute way but does can not manage it, gamma has to help her in...but we wont show you a picture of that...gamma in a swim suit, not too cute:)
Eli is under cover sleeping soundly

He's just too beautiful for words, except thank you Lord.

Lets end this perfect day with some water melon
See ya all on Saturday


  1. What a fun day the kiddos had! They are so CUTE!!! What a precious one little Eli is :) Hugs, Marsha

  2. I think "thank you Lord" covers all of them and the day :)

  3. Hi Gracie, your grand kids are so cute. Wonderful post..
    Hello to all! enjoy the summer.

  4. HI Gracie!!!
    Oh my goodness that is the first pic I ahve seen of your sweeties!!! All 3 are just so beautiful!!!That baby sleeping away looks like a doll, boys can be dolls!!!! All so special and loved so much!!!
    thanks for sharing that one!!!
    how warm in temp we Americans can understand!!!It was 110 here today!!!! very hot!!!

  5. It looks like you had so much fun! Why is it the boys like to splash the girls so much! They won't even give a poor girl the chance to climb in on her own! They are all beautiful and the baby looks like a sleeping angel. Have a great Thursday and I hope the sun sticks around for you!

  6. Adorable; all of them! Enjoy your warm weather.


  7. Your Grandbabies are so very sweet.
    Have a blessed Summer,

  8. Ohmygoodness, I just noticed the baby in the basket. Boy, are you lucky that I don't live close to you or I'd be running down the street with that basket! Little babies and I get along very well together. I am so hooked on how they smell and the touch of that soft, velvet skin and silky hair. You are so, so fortunate.

  9. lol. that would be my baby your running off with. lol and he smells like puke. sour milk like. lol anyways mom i love the pics. that was too hot of a day for me. Thank the lord too for creating the preson who made the ac.


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