Thursday, March 5, 2009


I love to read... and seeing as how I have gob's of time to read while my two busted ribs heal... due to a snow bank and icy road conditions. Read on, I will...
I don't pretend to be a reader of great books, or some one who can ramble on all the authors and titles of the wondrous books I may have read. I don't always give mindful insight to the things Ive read and understand, and for some reason cannot always purge it forth from my mind.
I read slowly, and cannot brag as some, that they can read a book every 14 days weather it be a deep spiritual book of 400 pages or a 200 page romance novel. Life is just too busy for me as well.
I too cannot always retain all the info I take in but I most certainly get the gist of what the author is saying.
I read for the pleasure of it, I read to gain insight at what ever capacity my cranium will allow. I read to discover new ideas and places and others thoughts.
These days I'm reading a lot about Attention Deficit Disorder in adults . I'm having a greater understanding about how not all of us are born of consistent thought patterns, or to be able to concentrate at will, or the ability to control impulses as easily as others. I'm learning that people with ADD/ADHD cannot help the way they think any more than a person who is short sighted can help the way they see. The person with poor sight will wear prescribed glasses, so too can the person afflicted with a neurological disorder such as ADD/ADHD can gain beneficially with the proper prescribed medication and cognitive therapy, and much understanding through reading updated and well written books.
I write this as one who loves another that has been just diagnosed with such a disorder. Not to say that I don't also have my own neuroses, that I'm dealing with.
I must also say that the pluses to ADD/ADHD are that these individuals are very creative, extremely motivated, highly focused when they love a certain subject.They are usually people with high IQ's. They want to be the best they can be.
In my list of reading I will mark the books I have found beneficial.'under self help' I feel blessed to have discovered not only the diagnosis, but the help we so desperately needed, not only through my reading but by a doctor who specializes in this field and the therapy we have.

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