Sunday, August 29, 2010

House Warming: Dedicated to my Sister A and G !!

The House Warming Party is finally here...

I and MR.B...mostly MR.B :) have worked very hard in anticipation of this day!
Soooo take a seat, get a cup of tea and join us.
(Thanks to Kimberly Shaw,  for her beautiful hand painted  invitations, I sent out, they were a hit!!!)

This pretty Tea Cup rose tree found its way into my back yard for a sale price of $8...
how could I resist!!!

Thank you to my son in law J. for putting together my new bench...
A lot of good it rained all day!!!

Pretty orange rose blossom!!

Here's another pretty orange blossom that attended my party!!

Mr.B. worked on the last of the cabinetry until the morning of the party....
"Cutting it a little close, don't ya think " ???
The end result is wonderful!!!

My husband is so talented and smart, he put most of our home together.
I am his biggest fan, and thankfully he is mine...Praise be to the Lord!

This beautiful counter top is not only nice to look at,  it was very functional for our first party...
It held all these yummy treats that our guest help provide!
My daughter Heather at@ Shmooy girl...
Brought this amazing Toco Dip...
See my kitchen blog,  for the recipe...@ my side bar!!!
I was so over joyed that Mr. and Mrs.K. ABOVE:  Dropped by...
This couple means so much to me!
You can just make them out behind the counter......

(( After my  1st. marriage break up... 
This couple, saved my self and my children, to God knows what demise!
I will be in your dept....
 for the care, the love, the spiritual guidance, and home...
 you both provided,  for I and my children in those hard days!!! ))
Above:This tired looking gal is my daughter H. holding wee Eli.
She should be tired,  for all the help she gave me today...and 3 months pregnant to boot!!!
Thank you my love for all the help you gave me.

I and Mr.B. unexpectedly received many a wonderful gift this day...

Thank you to all!!!

Family Photos photo time!!!
I think Dave like our floors???
There's that pretty orange blossom again!!!

Sorry girls...but this is the only one that turned out clean!

This one turned out nice!
This post is for you my dear sisters in law, A and G !!!
(G~ is a faithful blog follower of mine)
You'll never know how much you both mean to me.

AH!!! Theres Pastor D!!! Mrs.G's hubby.
He offered a beautiful prayer and blessing over our new home....
He also married I and Mr.B.... Easter of 2005!

Mr.B...(Whats with the face???) and pretty S...
This gal is not only pretty, she's smart too...
We all knew this, even before she decided to become a doctor...
May our Lord be with you, and bless you S.
 You go girl!!!

Auntie S. and Uncle G...were in from Beautiful,  British Columbia
So glad you could come over. You have been missed!!!
Where's Uncle M????
Me and mom...this is Mr.B's sweet mom, she has a very special place in my heart!
....I love you so much mom G!!!!

Theres Dad G. and S. and young Micheal... foster son to A and Dave.
Thank you mom and dad for this lovely plate...

Thanks to all for making this day wonderful....
Yes Lord, we are home...
Thank you, Jesus !!!!

Blessings, Mrs.G.......


  1. HI TRACEY!!!
    oh gosh WHAT A LOVELY lovely home you have and your Mr. B is such a Great blessing from GOD!!he is so very talented and LOVES you so much, which makes him a very Smart Man as well!!!
    I love Your wood floors, yes our counter tops are very similar, mine is called Venetian Gold granite. I love it as I cannot damage it like I did my old kitchen!!Put a hot pan on that beautiful country blue counter top and it forever had a brown stain on it, always had to place something over it!!haha
    I think the gals who helped with the food did an outstanding job!!!
    I LOVE TACO Salad, so I will pop over for the recipe!!
    Your daughter and mine are just a few months apart!!How sweet, is she also the Mommy of Bylla????
    I have the Black Eiffel tower top for Bylla, I just need your address, e-mail it to me.
    I will get you the final total, I think it is 12.00, I will just put it in a very small envelope, so it will cost hardly anything to mail, so do not worry about shipping, my Pleasure!!!
    Hope you have a GREAT week my sweet friend
    love your music!!

  2. HI!!
    NO I am so sorry I did not get it again!!
    I still have that lovely tea cup card you sent me several months ago, maybe a year ago!!
    The address on it is
    87 XXXXXXXXX Blvd
    in winnipeg
    is this still the one????
    I hope this is it!!!
    I look forward to hearing from you again!!
    Are you on facebook????
    Have a great day

  3. Hi Tracy. Your house warming looks so fun and well warming. A home filled with friends and family is a home filled with love. You cabinets and countertops are beautiful. My cabinets are about the same color. I can't believe you got that beautiful rose tree for $8.00 what a wonderful steal that was and so pretty next to your bench. Everything looks gorgeous. How nice to have your daughters helping.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  4. Your husband did a great job! I love those counter tops and especially all the food on them! I want that recipe too so I'll hop on over to get it!

    Lovely day for you!

  5. Dear Tracy.

    I am so sorry to hear about your daughters baby. I wish I had the words to say to comfort you, her and the rest of the family. You have my deepest sympathy. I'm praying for each of you. I only wish I was there to hug you and be a friend. Anytime you ever want to talk please know I'm here. You can also call me if you'd like to but I also understand if you don't feel like talking now. Either way my email address is, send me your email and I'll give you my phone number or I can call you if that would be better. No pressure, I just want you to know I'm here if you ever need me.

    With warm hugs and much love,


  6. Oh, I'm sorry! I looked to see if you had your email address on your blog, but I didn't find it.....That painting is above my MIL's couch and it is my husband and his brother. Sadly his brother died several years ago. That painting was done when they were young.

  7. Tracy and Nancy,Thank you for you kind and heart filled words,
    Jamie Thank you for your e-mail...your words helped me.Ladies, I apperciate your support so very much...

  8. What a wonderful housewarming celebration with dear family and friends :o) Your home looks beautiful! And extra special since your hubby's hands played such a big part in the renovations and creations...

    Wonderful photos!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    just wanted to stop by,dear friend...yay...I am catching up on some favorite blog reading...

    (oh also, did you get my email reply to you?)


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