Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A foul is born

On my daughters farm they have approx. 6 horses. This big gentle boy is sniffing out my grandson.
This cute little thing is there latest addition. It was only a few days old when I first saw it. This precious baby was jumping all around its mom, the other horses were so excited they all started to run at full boar in the pasture, while the mother horse stayed by her little ones side. (just when you need a video camera I don't have it!)
My daughters place is such a relaxing place to be, the fresh air, singing birds, little animals of all kinds scurry about.In the back pasture there is a watering hole, filled with millions of tad poles, in time we will go back there to find baby frogs. I just love this tranquil spot in our small world.
This is grandson can play and carry this kitty all day and the cat wont mind, funny how some cats are like that.What would a farm be with out puddles.Puddle jumping is a child's delight...who needs all those fancy toys!I am a grateful grandmother,because my daughter and her husband have chosen to raise there children in the country...I know that is the best place raise a family.
To see more pics. of the foul, go to my daughters blog, and tell her I sent you...she'd be happy you dropped in

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