Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy First Birthday To my Grandson Elijah

Happy 1 ST. Birthday Eli...

Mommy and the birthday boy.

Eli had both Gamma and Gammy at his first birthday...it was Gammy who made this yummy chocolate pudding cake and Eli's eldest cousin A. is the one who decorated it...good job!!!


Eli's Papa and Gammy have some huge horses that he hooked up to a flat bed, and took us all for a ride.

There was good food,burgers made with Angus beef,hot dogs,potato and taco salads,thanks so much Gammy!!!

Water toys were brought out and every one had fun getting wet.Even the "Big kids"...lol

Mr.B.you might as well jump right in...your wet already!!!

Eli's other grandpa and grandma live on a farm...Mr.B. enjoyed feeding their sheep.

A few daffy ducks.
This pretty girl is part Jersey and Red Angus.

Eli and his dad...That's a full day for this little guy...happy birthday my sweet.
Love Gamma

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