Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine s Day February 14 2013

A chilly February 14 2013, Valentine s Day.
 I walk briskly from my place of work to "The Forks". I notice how pretty the tree lined path is.
 The path is also lined with antique light posts painted fire engine red!
                             Before I get the this peaceful path I had to walk over the gorgeous....
                                                              Esplanade Riel Bridge

                Thank you to~     Esplanade Riel Bridge (Provencher Pedestrian Bridge)
Photo: City of Winnipeg
                                      My wedding photos (2005) were taken by this bridge...

                                                                  yes in snow!

tracegrace photo                 
                    Below~ Here too at this historical site of the Cathedral, we also wedding photos....
(tracegrace photo)
There is a beautiful new church behind the old.
What amazing history we have here!
St. Boniface Cathedral in winter, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Stock Photo - 9247710
(photo by Lance Thomson)
Also passing by The Canadian Human Rights Museum.... (above)
Expected to be completed 2014.
     Too cold to take any more photos I keep walking to....

My destination The Forks

 Were I pick up a card and hopefully the winning lotto tickets for Mr.B.
and... flowers and a yummy dinner wait for me...
Thank you Mr. B
Happy Valentines Day!

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