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September 2012 to February 2013

Fall/Winter with Gamma Tracy....

September is the start of the school year in most Provinces in Canada. 
So this is were I'll start my Fall/Winter diary of Gamma Tracy....
That's my grand~daughter, Bylla first one at the door...
 Eager to start her to her first day at Kindergarten.

October 5th 2012 
We got our first snow fall...
the grandchildren couldn't help but go out to play in it!
Even the remaining flowers of summer, got snowed on.
 Halloween...October 31/12
Bylla doesn't look too eager to be "Tomas the Train".
How can you tell her daddy is a Scotsman?

Super baby!!!

A wee note left for me after the "trick or treating"... 
Lovely, thanks Shmoo.
 I and Mr.B bought our first ever new car!!!
On one of our first drive in our new car, we came across what
 looked like a UFO in the distance....
 One could see the glow of the light for miles away, even the sky was alight. 
Curious, we drove up to it...
only to find it was a  "hot house" for vegetables.
(We got a tour)

More snow fell...
Covering our wee car....
  Faithfully Mr. B. shoveled. Thank you...
                                                           Your welcome "mon cookie"
What a sweet heart...

                                                   Lucy Belle,  is as white as the snow!
with exception of her pink ears.

Christmas Time....
 My "red" tree
Bylla and my daughter Shmoo.
                                                     Eli. helping decorate the "blue" tree.
My Christmas gift from my hubby.
Thank you for my new winter coat Mr.B.
Look who else is wearing red!!!
                                                       .G~kids all dressed up for church.
(What a tie Eli!)
Happy New Year
                                             January 2013 saw me turn 51 years old!
                                    Shmoo and Eli took me out to dinner in the "big" city
Never am I more happy than when I'm with them...
Thanks for my present, "click" the cook book...
 My daughter can cook too...Lemony Lemon Brownies 
 I provided the white wine ;)
I still make my signature Apple Pie.

Temperatures plummeted this winter to a chilling -48 
with the wind chill...
One could not go outdoors with out some kind of face 
covering with out risking frost bite. 
But even with all the frigid temps, we sure do get amazing sunrises here on the Canadian Prairies.
I took this photo at work, facing the French district.
                                                   In the French district, at The Forks.

At Espresso Junction

we enjoyed a hot cocoa.

 I and my "Frenchie" friend, Francoise are warming up...

 While see people outside having fun skating etc...
We stayed in warmth...
and shopped

                                            Gilbert's Stones

Were I bought this amazing Quartz Crystal.

Last but not least...
Mr B my husband found this tiny kitty in the ditch near a busy highway.
(picture, hours after her rescue)
                               Her paws and tail frozen to the ground, Mr.B pulled her from a sure death
 With the care from our vet. and some warmth and food...
she regained her strength...and didn't even loose her tail as expected!
                                                  We call this fur baby, Ginger Snaps.
her blog to come....
                              Our Stonybrook is a beautiful, peaceful community weather cold or warm.
                                     The "big" bustling city is only 45 minutes away.
Downtown Winnipeg skyline at night

From Gamma Tracy


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