Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday with Shoesssssssss

First I'd like to wish all American bloggers a happy July 4Th.

With all the celebrating that is going on today, maybe a well shaped shoe is in order for all those July 4Th parades, or the parties and fireworks..........

So lets have a "look see" at a few pretty pink heels.

How about old world Victorian with a Pink twist

Or maybe pink feathers by Christian Louboutin.

Maybe something with bling, like these from Gianmarco Lorenzi

This is what I call a pretty shoe.

OK, this is just some kind of pink crazy to break your neck with!

A little pink culture.

Hmmmmm... 60's or 70's yuckiest???

Sultry, pink ooh la-la boots

Every ones summer time favorite's ...flip flops.

Feather on flip flops?

But, this is what I call Pink comfort!

Got to run now ...there's more pink creations to check out at Beverly's blog

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love Tracy


  1. Beautiful pink shoes & slippers..the elephant with pink shoes is funny!
    Happy 4th July & enjoy your pink Saturday

    Lots of luv,

  2. Hi Gracie, its really cute and pretty especially the elephant shoes. :)LOL.
    Happy 4th of July. Cheers.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. What a great post! Complete fun! I gotta say, I love those Christian Louboutin shoes. They are simply stunning. The pink and green ones are pretty cute too. Flip flops are always a personal favorite though, my everyday summer footwear.

    That elephant CRACKED me up! That is the funniest thing I've seen online in a long time!

    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy belated Canada Day! Have a loveleigh weekend!

    Sares @Loveleigh Treasures

    Those shoes are awesome....I can't believe the ones with the round balls and spikes were big
    The elephant in pink tennis shoes made my day...that is so very adorable.
    My daughter has a great dane and we call her Gracie Girl....she has a deep love for shoes, also....only she will just chew up one shoe of the pair before she goes on to the next daughter is a shoe and purse addict so Gracie girl has gotten in trouble many a time.
    I joined as a follower of your blog....I don't have my pink post up yet because I keep getting the big red x and operation aborted message...I can get to others...just not mine
    I am going to be having a 100th post give away if I can get posted.
    lovely to meet you...I would love for you to join as a follower of my blog.
    Angel hugs

  5. Happy Pink Saturday, Tracy. Thank you for the patriotic wishes.

    Your post is so fun, and that elephant running in those pinks made me laugh aloud.

  6. What a fun post! Love that elephant!

  7. ROTFL, love the elephant in the pink tennies! Fabulous post! I love shoes and especially PiNk ones!!

    My wedding cake was the one that has the pink top with paw prints on it :) The cake tells the story of how we met and a little bit about us. Bottom tier is the sand as we love the beach, the middle tier is the ocean and the Ecstasy, the cruise ship we met on, and the top tier represents our fur babies Hannah & Kodak. (Hannah has now left us).

    I hope you have a fab PiNk 4th of July! :) Marsha

  8. Hi Tracy,
    What an assortment of pink shoes you've shared with us! The elephant is cute too! Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful weekend.


  9. Love all of those fab pink shoes. The Louboutin's are to die for. Just for fun would like to try the ball bottom shoes and see the outfit that would go with it!!
    Great post, enjoy your weekend!! and Happy Pink Saturday!!
    Hugs, Nerina :)

  10. Pink and shoes...a few of my favorite things!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Blessings, Mary :)

  11. Happy Pink Saturday Gracie!
    Thanks for stopping by Country Wings in Phoenix. I love the flip flops with the feathers, I mean how fun is that? The elephant was precious. What an outstanding post today. Happy 4th of July. "Country Hugs", Sherry

  12. Absolutely amazing - I'll take the Christian Louboutin's. Happy PS to you and thanks for wishing all of us "down south" Happy July 4th. Happy Belated Canada Day to you.

    Love the elephant.

  13. Pink Shoes. Gotta have 'em...well, all of the except that pair with the balls and nail on the sole...yikes they look painful!

    Happy Fourth of July and Pink Saturday rolled into one!
    Erin :)

  14. HI gracie!!!
    Thanks for peeking in on my blog!! I love meeting new Gamma's!!! I so love being a MIMI and yes, I'm s young one, not as young as my sister was when she became a Grandma or my Mom, but 50 when she arrived is young enough!!! I so enjoy her everyday and cannot wait til I'm waiting on number 3 and 4 and 5 and so on!!!
    Thanks again for popping in, it's a real pleasure and hopefully we will talk again!!!
    have a happy 4th of JUly

  15. OK, I can't stop smiling! This was really fun. I loved seeing the shoes...ok I'll take the Louboutins, Lorenzis and the pink and greens! That elephant cracked me up! Thanks for sharing, you young Gamma :)

  16. Kell Belle StudioJuly 4, 2009 at 10:42 AM

    Oh ma gosh! Great selection of pink shoes!! Haha, I like the running elephant too. Hope your Canada Day was fabulous!

    .•*˙˙*•.HaPPy PiNk SaTuRdaY!.•*˙˙*•.

    Cheers! =D
    ~Kitty Kellie
    The Artful Paper Doll

  17. This is totally fabulous, still grinning from one ear to the other! Such an eye treat! Thank you for taking us through some eras of delightful footware.

    Your blog is glowing with feminine radiance. I'll be back for sure!

    Wishing you a wonderful Pink smiling Saturday!

  18. I love the pink Christian Louboutins!! I hope you had a happy Canada Day! :)

  19. What fun! The elephant cracked me up. Those feathery shoes are divine.

  20. Love all the pink shoes, but I think pink ballet shoes are always the prettiest! Happy Pink Saturday!

  21. tooo great!!
    The song too!

    What a delightful stop on my PS morning.

    Have a great weekend!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  22. what a darling post!!


    That elephant was soo cute too!!

    Have a wonderul holiday weekend:)
    Stop by for a stroll at Balboa Island:)


  23. I love your shoe post and especially the elephant.
    Happy Pink Saturday.

  24. Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello! Love your assortment of pink shoes! The elephant was too funny!
    Have a blessed weekend.

    Debbie from NJ

  25. now those are some wild shoes, happy pink

  26. Gracie, the elephant is priceless! LOL! And I think I want those pink shoes with feathers. They have a certain appeal for me, being a magpie and all. ;-)

    Happy Belated Canada Day and Pink Saturday 4th!


    Sheila :-)

  27. Cute and clever approach. Some wild ones, classy ones, and everything in between...and a shoe song too!

    Over the top,

  28. Very cute pink show post!!
    And the elephant, LOL!

    thanks for coming to visit me.

    blessings and happy 4th of July.

    barbara jean

  29. No contest! The pink shoes with the ball&spike heels, please. And the elephant. Oh, how I love that elephant. What a great shoe collection, and well done you to hunt these all out. Great fun.

    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Independence Day (being from the UK, I forgot)!

  30. Me again. Is there any chance you could let me have a copy of the elephant picture? It's such fun.

    Fingers crossed...

  31. Oh what a collection of pink shoes! I'm not sure I'd be able to walk in most of those, lol. Love the elephant!

    Have a wonderful 'pink' week.

    ciao for now,
    Elena :)

  32. Thanks so much for you kind visit and I really enjoyed my fun visit this morning! What an amzing collection of shoes. Unfortunately , my poor feet will never enjoy those heels ever again this side of heaven! HEEHEE! Have a blessed Lord's day!

  33. I'll have the plain pink flip flops please :-)

    Oh poor elephant, I think he's already exhausted.

    Happy Pink Weekend!

  34. I'll take the pink and green heels size 6 that elephant. I have a horse wearing sneakers! Cute post!

  35. What perfect pinks. I love the shoes you chosen to share with us. Have a wonderful day.

  36. WELL! I'm totally mystified... I thought I saw an earlier post of yours as well, although I was having trouble with Yahoo yesterday - the screen kept hanging. So I wonder whether your post came in (I get notified there are comments for moderation) and because I couldn't click to publish in Yahoo, it disappered somehow. I checked earlier posts as well. So sorry about this! I can't think where else I could look.

    Happy to say I finally found that elephant. Click on it and it says there is no such image, but search for elephant and shoes, and there it is! How strange. I went through tons of pix just for "elephant" without it showing, either.

    The mysteries of the computer (aaaargh....)

  37. Susie...
    lol, I run into the same problems, it can be exusting,cant it?

  38. That elephant is funny! Hope you had a great 4th.

  39. I totally love your pink shoes. Oh my how wonderful they are. Happy I popped over to see them all. Hope you had a great PS

  40. Well here I go again, I did post before but it never showed up.
    Love your pink shoes all of them, although I probably could not walk in some of them anymore LOL. I think the pink elephant is a hoot.


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