Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fringe Festival 2009

Well, the Winnipeg Fringe Festival has arrived yet again for another summer...I am proud to say my sister Leslie, and her hubby John from Something Old Something New
Are involved this year with a play that John has participated in producing.
Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Leslies husband has been working very hard along with a group of people in preparation for the Fringe Festival. They are rehearsing for a play called 'Hide and Go Creak', and I must say it sounds pretty funny. So for a good laugh and a little riske night out for just $8 come along and join some old farts to see a great show at the MTC Up The Alley, 174 Market Ave (entrance on John Hirsch Pl). They will be performing:

They have entertainment for all ages, activities, plays, art, food...

See you at the Fringe!


  1. Would have loved to go...
    I love events like that!

    I hope your weekend is great!
    Sweet hugs from Spain

  2. Thanks for your comment and support! No, those shoes aren't for me either - I would be in agony... and I don't really enjoy agony!

    Have a wonderful Sunday Gracie!

  3. Hi!!!
    I love city festivals, I would love to go and community theater is the best!!!!
    I wish I was there!!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog... as for the darling french scene dress my little Miss C had on, I bought that on sale last summer for her at Dillard's, I like to try and buy for next summer on the sale racks!!!!So far so good, one year nothing I had bought for one of my daughters did not fit!! She grew alot one year, so I'll keep doing it til I goof it up!!!!
    How old is your Grand-daughter??? Miss C will probably outgrow that dress this fall. I think it is a size 12-18 month???
    I'll let you know!!!

  4. Jamie
    My granddaughter "Billa" is 21 months.There is a picture of her and her brother in older posts...she looks like a little Betty Boop with her curly locks..


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