Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday July8 10:11 AM

You can find other 10:11 AM or PM shots at Sparking Gems
1 Have your camera handy on July 8th-this Wednesday

2 Take a photo of whatever you are doing when your clock says 10:11 am or pm. (we won't worry about timezones)

3 Challenge yourself to think outside of the box in how you take the photo or don't worry about that part and just snap one real quick!

4 Post the photo on your blog or an online gallery. Leave a comment on Domestic Diva's blog linked to your photo...a prize may be involved ;)

Well here it is my 10:11 AM shot.
I and my sister are walking through the Forks this morning to get to my appointment. The Forks is a multicultural center, a cool place to be, lots going all the time, and very old world too with many restaurants stores museums. On the corner of a stair way was this young man playing his bag pipes as a busker. I ask first if I could photograph him, he said yes and here it is. My 10:11 AM camera picture.

We Walked down town in order to get my pass port, and passed this iron sculpture done by the famous late Leo Mol. Theres always enough time to stop play...

Once we got business done we stopped for lunch and cold drinks back at the Forks and listened to bag pips in the back ground
Cheers from me, Tracy (Graciegirl)

and my sis.Leslie (Something Old Something New)


  1. Thanks for playing my game Gracie! I love your blog and I will be back! Your name will be entered into a drawing for some fun stuff!!!!

  2. HI!!!
    I love these special little number days!!!
    7-8-9, at 4:56 am I was sleeping!!!
    at 4:56 p.m. unpacking from our trip up north!!!
    then at 7-8-9 --10:11 a.m., making Beignets for breakfast up at the cabin and at 10:11 p.m. sitting here at my computer desk answering and commenting on all the wonderful blogs!!!

  3. Hi Gracie!
    I LOVE YOUR 10:11 SHOT!
    How unusual... a bagpipe...

    Those women talking, what a great sculpture. You did a good job!

    I had set my alarm at 10 in the morning to get prepared, but my husband actually turned it off (I still love him). So my picture is from 10:11 pm. You can see it on my blog.

    I do love your background here. Very pretty! I have placed a link to your blog from my blog. I really enjoy visiting you... Let's keep in touch!

    P.S. My little princess is called Grace too...

  4. It looks like you had a very lovely day!!! I love the sculpture of the three ladies, and you and your sis are adorable. Blessings, Kim

  5. Looks as if you two are having a really great time, xv.

  6. Hey, I thought you were coming into work? just kidding:)
    Didnt Leo Mol just pass away this week,at 85 years old?

  7. Thanks hun for taking the time to stop by. Looks like a fun game, sorry I missed it. You guys sure look like your are enjoying yourselves. Keep it up!!
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    Hugs, Nerina :)

  8. Hello again Gracie!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I don't feel obligated to visit you - I enjoy it;)

    It was the first time I published a post with Blogwriter on my Iphone. I thought it worked well and felt very proud. I told my husband that now I could post regularly from all my adventures here in Spain. Imagine - several fun posts every day! He looked at me over his glasses and said kind of cooly that to upload a picture cost around 10 dollars! So I guess I won't be doing that!

    I hope you have a fun weekend!
    Take care Gracie. See you around;)

  9. Dear Tracy,
    I am running late has been one obstacle after another....
    I have a reward for you on my blog...todays Pink Saturday posting and you are the grace of that award.
    I am so glad you and your sister are close.
    I love the statue by Leo Mol....that is awesome but I love statues
    Angel Hugs Tracy to you and to your sister

  10. Graciegirl, this was absolutely delightful. Thank you for reminding me, nonetheless, to visit your beautiful blog. I'm so busy these days that a visit to your blog is like a welcoming fresh breeze!

  11. Loved this post...Love seeing sisters hanging out together and having fun (pic of talking ladies, heehe). Do you like bagpipe music? I really do and some people just can't stand it. He looks cute in his kilt!


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