Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To Choose One Thing For Another

I was going to wait to post this for Sunday...but I have been so touch by the Lord this day. He has been calling me to him for the last few weeks.(probably longer)
I admit I have been confused of late as to who I am and what I believe...
I know deep down inside me who I am. I know what I believe and the great steps I chose to take. With the unbelievable pain I have had to live with because of that deliberate choice I made, to be who and what I am today... a Christian a Christ follower.
Thus the name change....
Turn off my music player to the left, in order to hear and see the you tube player.


  1. Gracie,
    I listened to the song and viewed the pictures. Special song.
    You have been on a adventure, haven't you? Having to discover who we are, what we believe and who our true God is...sometimes takes circumstances that we have to deal with when the deep rooted beliefs come to the surface and comforts us. The best to you.
    God Bless you.

  2. Deanna
    Oh yes, I have been on quite an adventure, one I would do again...maybe not with so much gustto, but then that would not be me.
    Today His loving arms have wrapped around me to say He still loves me, and He misses me too:))))

  3. Hi Tracy!!!
    That song is very powerful and I feel so unworthy sometimes, as we do indeed serve a Great God he is so Awesome that so many times I-We fail him, but we must always remember that as our Earthly Father loves us, even when we fail and disobey our Heavenly Father loves us so much more. He is always standing at the door of our hearts with his arms opened wide ready to give us the biggest bear hug he can give!!!!
    I always feel his love listening to that son, Thank you for sharing that!!!!!
    On a different note now, I went shopping with my daughter and granddaughter on Monday, did not find the dress Camdyn has now, but I found a NEW Dress with French theme and sights on it!!! It is even more beautiful then the one Camdyn has, when it goes on sale, I will buy it for our little french Princess!!!!! It is $48.00 right now, but this particular baby shop puts their items on sale usually within 1 month of coming out at 20% off and it continues to go down from there, I can watch it for you also if I know her size and if you want it, I can send you their web-site as well!! They have a darling pink little t-shirt type top with the Eiffel Tower on it for 28.00, very cute too, then at Baby Gap they had a White t-shirt type top with words C'Est la vie with an Eiffel tower on it for 16.50, I think, very reasonable!!! So French theme clothes but be the hit for this fall!!!!!Let me know what you think!!!

  4. Hi Trcay
    Good choice....
    Good name change too,my friend.

  5. I have loved that song since the first time I heard it!!

  6. Jamie
    Yes send me the web site,and Billa's size is 2x.We have the Gap for kids Ill check out the T.
    Lilly Sue
    I have heard the song befor but I has so much more meaning for me now.

  7. I've heard this song before and think it's very beautiful. I like the name change, I think it will be a great fit for you. Hope all is well for you and yours, God Bless.

  8. This is wonderful song. Thanks for posting it here. I have not heard of it but now I love it.

  9. Hey Sares and Avater...
    I like the song too.
    Thanx for your visit,have a great day.

  10. Dear Grace!
    How beautiful... the song and what you have written! I feel blessed just sitting here listening!

    What would I be without JESUS? I'm so grateful for His amazing love and the GRACE that covers me yesterday, today and tomorrow!
    The life that He has prepared for us is so wonderful... Thank you for reminding me today!

    I'm so glad I met you Gracie... (is that your name?)

    With much love to you!

  11. Jey Dream girl
    I need that reminder too,now and then...Yup that is my name...T.Grace.


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