Monday, July 20, 2009


I and my hubby went for a drive to a town in our Provence about 70 miles away, Portage la Prairie.
While chit-chatting we were both dumb struck when we drove past a steel tree with a steel eagle sitting on top.
That tree is 85 feet high, and the eagle is an outstanding 12 feet.
The eagle shimmers in day light as it looks out towards the East to signify the beginning of a new day. The tree was made by a local artist, Jake Goertzan.

The picture below gives an idea of how tall this structure really is, you can see the evergreen tree tops far beneath the monument.
The eagle was constructed by an American artist.

The first nation Long Plain People have there reserve here Keeshkeemaquah and have these two structure to commemorating their people and the land they reside on.
On the same reserve, at the Arrowhead gas bar, sits a huge grizzly bear carved from one large peace of wood, ceder I think?
As well as this beautiful door leading to one of their conference rooms
We even meet an ancestor of the great late Chief Shortbear, he was our tour guide and host to this incredible place, Gregg Arrowhead.

In the same town we drove past this structure of an owl made also of steel, it stands about 10 feet high.


  1. Oh I simply love the owl wood carving!

  2. What a great day! Looks like the weather was nice too... and spending time together and discovering new things are always so fun!

    I love that steel tree with the eagle - amazing!

    I hope you'll have many days like this!


  3. HI TRACY!!!
    Yeah I have a name for you now!!!!!
    I figured it was Gracie, but now I get it, Grace for the Grace of God!!!!
    I do not understand celsius(we Americans were never taught how to convert)So what would that be in Fahrenheit???? I hope you can find the dress, Miss C's wouldn't fit her. I might look here for you a similar dress. I love it that you speak French!! The language of love!!!!I loved your little day drive, I love seeing other peoples little adventures and it always teaches us something!!!
    I live in the state of Arizona, the desert Southwest as it is often referred. I love the desert now, I never did until I visited all 50 states, and out state is so unique in so many ways, so many of the other states, if dropped in blindfolded, and you had to guess which state you are in, you would have no idea!!! just lots of green trees that all look the same. We have Northern, Az that gets over 100 inches of snow with beautiful pine and aspen trees and our Red rock formations and huge Mountains and of course our beloved Saguaro Cactus tree!!! And our Sunsets are un comparable!!! Oh, I could go on and on, of course I ahte our long summers, but the other 7-8 months are a little piece of heaven!!!!
    come visit me sometime!!!!

  4. What an amazing eagle tree and owl structure. Fantastic creativity, thanks for sharing your fun day and these fabulous images.

  5. Isn't it fun to see art out and about? That owl is amazing. My son is so into owls....he is doing a conservation project with the forest service to help repopulate Great Grey owls in our local forests. Glad to see you are out enjoying your summer!!

  6. Hello there!
    I was so thrilled to see that you joined as a HomeHavenMinistry follower. I'm delighted to meet you and look forward to getting to know you better thru bloggin'.
    God richly bless you.

    I thought your comment about your Grandson and washing Jesus is absolutely precious.

    I'm not quite sure how to pronounce the bear's name! That's something.


  7. What beautiful craftmanship. I wish I had a tenth of the talent it took to create something like these pieces of art! Thanks for showing them to us!

  8. Gracie girl sweetie...why in the world am I looking at an owl right now???? :))

    Thank you for visiting me, and thank you also for your comment. I am moved and inspired to hear that my writing touched you very deeply. That moves and inspires me.


  9. Hi Gracie Girl!
    Update on Amy! The doctors came in, they talked to Amy and were finally able to get the IV started. Ladies we start praying, it will be 2 more hours now, Amy is back in the procedure room. The Dr.s like to use the artery on the right side of the groin, but Amy had cancer there at the age of 10 and there is scar tissue there, so it may not be possible on the right side and they may have to go to the left. Debbie said that Amy was hesterical this morning, but after talking to the Dr. she had calmed down. The Dr. said they will occlude the corotid artery for 30 minutes, if she shows no sign of a stroke then she will be scheduled for surgery, if at any time in those 30 minutes if she shows a sign of stroke, then the surgery will not be possible. We have jumped the first hurdle with prayer, we move on to the second. Thank you so much for loving our family, Sherry


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