Wednesday, April 8, 2009


With the wind chill it was -40 today! We were absolutely frozen, with snow every were, some place's still had ice on the ground from last weeks melt. Oh Manitoba, how we love ya!!!

So why the picture?

To help remind me there are warmer days ahead, with lots of joy and new warm memories to come. Today I not only had the pleasure of my two beautiful grand children on board, but also my grand nieces, along with their mom my niece, and of course my daughter. The "gamma mobile" (my van) was truly full today!We all had a great time, we ate at Dairy Queen, the kids played in the "play center". I and my niece yakked up a storm, while My daughter was at the doctors. Back at "Shmooy Girl"s house we continued to talk and watch the children play, these are the days! Thank you God for such a beautiful family.

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