Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mr. B's Birthday 50th Party

Mr.B's mom, a sweet heart of a lady, put on a family party for B's 50Th Birthday. Mom also puts on a New Years dinner...this woman has amazing energy! Mr.B got many lovely gift from the family.

It was wonderful to see....he was like a kid at Christmas, shaking all the boxes.

He even used a knife to get at those presents...he he!
Mom made a wonderful meal and baked a birthday cake for Mr.B ..she always decorate's her cake so beautifully.
Happy 50Th my love, and may you have many many more.

AT mom and dads Christmas decorations are still up, there home looks so festive...I love just to sit and look! Below is moms looks like a big piece of candy.Mom has about 8 tree's all decorated.Every wall has some thing sparkly on it.Shmoo, I took these pictures for've always wanted to see moms Christmas decorations's.Well that's all the post's for this Christmas and New year may all who visit be blessed and well.


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