Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I am so excited, my daughter and her husband finally finally bought there first place. This is truly answered prayer for us all, but especially for them.They so badly needed to move from the rented house they are living in...on so many levels this house was not conducive to a growing family, even though it provided a roof over there heads that they could afford for 3 years.
There oldest child starts school in September and a move needs to happen fast!
The prayers that were answered...was that they could not come up with the down payment to purchase a home of there own. The Lord said to my daughter, and husband... "not to worry for, He will have some one provide it...and it's not to be from a family member" !...she and her husband would not take the money from us, for they rested so strongly in what God had told them...
Me on the other hand with all my suspicions and doubts, kept saying who, and how???? I didn't believe that God would do that, especially now... when moneys are so desperately needed in a country that's been devastated by earthquakes!
But God is not only great he is so amazing....they got there down payment provided for by a stranger no less, not a family member nor friends! They move in two weeks, plenty of time for settling in and in time for school registration...and a wonderful bonus, is that the school is in walking distance to there new home...what an extra blessing...a bed room for all...so the children dont have to share any more...running usable water...wow!...a washer/dryer, no more long trips to family to do loads of laundry! Proper heat, and the list goes on and on!!!

Thank you Lord thank you!!!!
Now, I did say that if God provided a down payment for them I would eat my...
Look who's eating crow... happily!

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