Friday, January 22, 2010

2010's Wondrous January Frost

There are times, that I am so grateful to have been blessed to live in this wondrous white winter land, that's just out side my window...

Here in our own "back yard"...

We have the most amazing sights, cold flaky starlet nights, Day time is crystal clear like icy blue gem stone's a magical ice blue sight... that other countries do not have.
The snow, horror frost, ice lakes, sun dogs, icicle's, one 's own breath frozen into space, frosty designs frozen onto windows pane's, snow ball fight's while hiding behind snow igloo's, hills of white fluff to sled down, exciting down hill skiing, dreamy cross country skiing... as one could possibly see the great snowy owl or the white fox, or Mr. jack rabbit himself, with his huge white feet running across the very field one is skiing upon. How many countries can boast racing around on motored sled's (snow mobiles) on the snow and ice?

All this one can have at there finger tips, in ones own back yard, in this part of Canada...


Below are some snap shots of our home.... I and Mr. B awoke one moring to this wonderful white seen........

The gate that leads to our door was covered in frost.

Every small detail perfectly covered with icy crystal's.

On the other side of the gate, the snow made a perfect privacy vial, Mr.B. was standing on the other side when I took this shot.
Our outside bell was also delightfully covered My grandchildren ate watermelon on this bench just a few months ago after a swim in the back yard pool. Remember the little apple tree Mr.B planted last spring? Here she is, with her little apples covered in frost. Only God could decorate Christmas tree's so perfectly!
Just down the street lies the river bend....
The trees and banks are also laced with frost...we said to each other that the sight of an eagle could only complete this wonderful seen, and guess what we saw in the bush across the river???

A mature bald eagle

I and Mr. B will have to do a written count ( for they are all accounted for) but a rough guess would be about about 80+ eagles in the past 5 1/2 years...When we first met, we started to see these great creatures, in such great numbers and some very unusual ways.Eg; Right above us in the middle of the city on Jublie St. in the winter, or like the one right next door to us at the corner park in the city we walked up to it really close! Some folks are beginning to wonder what I and Mr. B have been wondering all along???

Than you Lord for putting the most beautiful final touch on this magnificent truly are a great God

from His daughter...CC

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  1. Hello Sweetie,

    Your blog is done so well. I like all the details and pictures. I really like what you have done. That frost was beautiful on all the trees and it was cool that we saw that eagle in the tree.

    Lots of love, your hubby,

    Mr. B.


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