Saturday, October 24, 2009

To Blog or not to Blog

Thank you Marie, I gratefully accept the award you have passed on to me, and I am happy to pass it on to other's.

A rule, in order to pass this award along...
I am to pass this award on to a few new blogs that I have recently discovered.
May God bless you all


  1. Thank you Gracie for thinking of me and awarding me this blog award. I appreciate it so much. I really look forward to getting to know you better.

    Hugs across our blogs,

  2. Thank you so much for the Award! I am so appreciative. I will post it before to long. I have became a follower and I have noticed you a lot on my Mother in Law Sherry's blog and my sister in Law Heidi's blog. I will make sure to stop by and visit often.

  3. Well, sweetpea, thank you very, VERY much for thinking of me. I truly appreciate it and love that you thought of me. What a sweet thing for you to have done. But the nicest thing is that you grace my blog with your presence, sugar! I truly appreciate that!!

  4. Gracie, Thank you so much for the nice award. It is so sweet of you to think of me :)
    Have a great week!

  5. Thank you dear sister for the special award.. The more I think of God's ever present Love for us, He then sends something so totally random, that I know it is only Him, who can shower that kind of goodness down around me. Today is no exception, by the sweetness of this blog award, and your comment about todays blog post. I do hope we can " chat" over a cup of tea, or whatever, thru the bloglines.. The Lord must have some powerful reason to have given you goosebumps today. I am sure He is all over this new and special friendship, Gracie..
    Here is a hug tonight for you. I am not much of a hugger , for various reasons, but tonight, I give one in the spirit of sisterhood..

  6. I'd like to invite you to celebrate with us your lovely home and everything is dear to you at our "Show Off Your Cottage Monday!", every Monday at the house in the roses...



  7. Oh Gracie,

    I am deeply touched. I just returned home from the bloggers retreat and I found your email.

    I know many of these gals and I am humbled to be included with them and you.

    I feel your kind heart in your words. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I give all honor and glory to Jesus. I could not write a word without him.

    I am adding you to my blogroll today. Hope that is okay.

    Have a wonderful week. Love you my sister, Lynn

  8. Love reading your blog & keeping updated on Andrew. Congrats! on your award, well deserved.

    Have a warm, wonderful week. TTFN~ Marydon

  9. Congratulations on your awards. It still amazes me, the world that has opened up with blogging and I think the great thing is that we are all allowed to go at our own pace. So do what makes you comfortable, it's YOUR blog, YOUR journey. Have a terrific week!

  10. Hi Gracie! In the midst of all my boxes and work to be done in this last week before the move, this is a such a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for thinking of me and presenting me with this award. It is truly a pleasure visiting with you, and getting to know you! ~tina

  11. Darling congratulations, you truly deserve this award. Luv, I will humbly accept and will proudly display this award on my blog. Thank you for thinking of me, much appreciated.

    Love & Hugs

  12. I have two blogs and only post about once a week to each and follow few blogs. It's very hard! but I love to read them. I am not sure how long I will do a blog, but if I was working again, I would not be to sure if I could do this. I have health issues too and my neck and shoulders hurt so bad when I sit at the computer to long.
    Have a great week and maybe you might like to try blogging once a week or every 10 days, that might be more suitable for you. Whatever you do I hope you will be happy!

  13. Congratulations on winning your awards! You deserve them! I feel just as you do. I sometimes cannot believe that others actually read my blog. I also got myself an award today. You are welcome to stop by and pick it up, if you like. Enjoy the rest of your week.


  14. ...I am very touched by your kind words! Thank you for such a sweet and generous "shout out!" Sorry that I have been (once again) behind in my blog reading!

    I too am amazed and blessed by all the wonderful bloggers out there that I have been able to "meet"! (And I was clueless to what a blog was, until our daughter showed us hers that she started in April.

    Blessings & Aloha, dear blogger friend!


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