Friday, October 9, 2009

Chris Tomlin... Canadian Concert Tour


October 6, 2009 ... words of Chris...
Again, another day of firsts. First trip to the great city of Winnipeg. The first day of our first Christmas record. So tonight we played “Emmanuel” from the new record, “Glory in the Highest.” Thanks Winn. for going with us on that one. It was a little off the set but thought we should go for it. You sounded great on it by the way.
We felt the love tonight.
Was reading this passage from 1 Thessalonians 2:1-8 today. It’s a great group of verses to carry especially as you travel from city to city. It’s a reality check about success. I love how it says “we did not put on a mask to cover up greed… we are not trying to please men but God, who tests our hearts.” amen.
peace and goodnight to all…

Mr.B and my self, along with my daughter Shmoo @Shmooygirl, and her mom in-law T. we went to the Chris Tomlin...Hello Love, Concert... here in Winnipeg. Chris and his group launched their Christmas CD here for the first time...I bought one of course, and the Hello Love CD is a must have!The concert was so amazing... this guy can really sing! He has a love for God, and heart for people,you can hear his passion to help the down trodden, and the poor.He encouraged us through his words and song that we all need to help the cities we live in. While singing Chris would encourage us to sing along, at times he would stop singing, and close his eyes just listen to us, I was watching the big monitors of him at that moment, and as we sung... a smile went across his face, he enjoyed listening to us sing praises to God...That's when I knew this guy is for real, about God.
Below is a You Tube of Chris's song "God in this City"...very cool.


  1. You don't by chance remember his playlist from the concert that night, do you? I was there too and (as usual) didn't think about such thing but would love to be able to recreate the concert with his CDs.

    Please post it here if you know the song order. Thanks.

  2. Hello Anonymous...

    Unfortunatly I dont know the exact song order. If you call the church the concert was held in...they may be able to help you.
    ....It was a great concert wasnt it?


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