Saturday, October 10, 2009

Road Trip to Saskatchewan

I and Mr B. are off for 3 or 4 days on a car trip to Regina Saskatchewan.
Mr. B's nephew is marrying his sweet-heart, on October 10Th.
The young couple met at bible school, and have had stars in their eyes for each other ever since.

This young groom, wrote and sang a beautiful song, at mine and Mr.B's wedding....that's us listening to wedding song, at our wedding.

We cherish his gift of song so very much, he is a very accomplished musician. (that's him in the red shirt, accompanied by his friend) We havent met the bride to be yet so, I don't have a picture of his sweetie... after the wedding I am sure I'll have some. We are driving for 5 hours to be at this very special event. We will travel in the "Gamma-Mo-bile"... my van.
Joining us will be my mom in-law, who has the best stories to tell and best sense of humour, so we will be well entertained all the way.
My dad in-law, is a true man of God, so we will have prayers to travel by.
Saskatchewan is our neighbouring Provence... its very much like our Provence, miles and miles of flat prairie's, some valleys, few hill's.
Every Provence in Canada has some thing beautiful to offer, and glorious scenery to take a momentous picture of. At this time of year our country is so very beautiful, with the changing colors, and oddly warm/cool weather. I thank God for the eyes I have to see all 4 seasons.
See ya all in a few days...


  1. HI!!!!
    Have a fun time and enjoy your road trip along the way!!!!!
    I look forward to the pictures!!!! Make sure I see all the beautiful gold, orange and brown leaves and hopefully some red!!!!

  2. Have a wonderful time and safe journey!

    Blessings & aloha!

  3. Have a safe trip and a great time at the wedding!

  4. I looked for you on Pink Saturday and didn't see you, and now I know why. Hope you have a very good time at the wedding and a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend.


    Sheila :-)

  5. HI!!!!
    I wanted you to know --you do NOT owe me anything more for the second top for Billa, what you sent me covered both of them and the shipping and I sent money for Amy. So we are good!!!!!
    However we you want anything else French for Billa, there is alot of cool things out there right now!!!!I got Camdyn the french scene dress like the long sleeve top, and I think it is 28.00 dollars. I also found another store with like a corduroy or crushed velvet jumper type dress with eiffel towers on it. But you do not owe me anymore. It was fun getting them for her cause I know how much pleasure it brings you!!!!!
    Have a great trip
    drive safe and enjoy the view!!!


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