Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Family Time, Camping At St Malo

 My Daughter Shmoo,  and her family blessed me with a little camping excursion
 this past weekend, at St Malo.
Yes, we did the real thing!!!...
Camping in tents!
I made a few "small" purchases...
Strictly for the further enjoyment of this out door experience ;)

My first "cool" purchase, an eight man tent.
Google Image Result for
A girl needs a little room, ya know!

Purchase #2- A queen size air mattress to go in that
 queen sized tent, but the darn thing wouldn't fill up properly!!!
 St.Malo, is a soft sandy beach, surround by lush woods, for private camp sites.
There's canoeing for older kids, and golfing, they even had movie night too...
Purchase #3 -A pop-up outdoor kitchen!!!
I love this!!!
Putting it up was really easy, with my granddaughters help...
 Martha Stewart has nothing on us!!!

I enjoyed washing my new "outdoor" dishes...purchase #4 
Enjoy dishes? Yeah I know, I'm strange!

We spent time at the beach with the kids....
(You cant see it with this shot, but there is much more sandy beach over the small hill...)

click  ST Malo

   We spent time hiking, and picnicking, Shmoo made some blueberry baked oatmeal and 
amazing pizza buns 

Eli. is enjoying a cookie 
while he watches a near by Frisbee game.

We spent time at the camp site,
 the kids thought the Jiffy Pop popcorn was cool to watch over the fire.
...and eat!!!

Not only did my son in-law, J. build us many a fire,
 (even at 4am) he also pitched our tents, 
and inflated the air mattresses by hand...
Which I and Shmoo were very grateful for...

Hmmm, maybe I better bring my husband next time???

We spent time playing, even the box the kitchen came in was fun, 
right Bylla?

The next day we all woke up very, very early...4am.
 (some fury little critters kept us gals up)

 Lu is still a little tired...
 Thecoffee in the percolator kept him entertained while we made breakfast....
Anyway, coffee is on... thank the Lord! 

The coffee maker is Purchase #5...It saved me that morning!

                                  Shmoo and Timmy are cuddled up under my ultra soft sleeping bag #6.
                                              The temperature was a wee cool early in the morn...
                                                         They both look beautifully sleepy

Unlike the night, the day time temperatures were so high...
   +32 to +35!!! 
 (that's about 89-95 Fahrenheit for our American friends.)

Unfortunately we had to leave early, for I got heat stroke!!!

Gfigure...Give us Canadians freezing temps, and we can handle it!!!
 but a little heat...and we'er done!!!
Well, maybe that"s just me???  
My menopause didn't help the situation much either -LOL!!!

All in all, I had a great time with my family!!!

 I do be-leave, my new camping items were worthwhile investments... 
because,  it lead to the best investment of all...

            Thanks for visiting our camp site...
                                      August holds one more camping trip to go, then I am done!

thank-you to
shmoo and fam.
Melanie @
Mennonite girls can cook


    Those temps are QUITE HOT for camping.....I would need some relief myself..I also do better as I age with Cooler...notice I did not say COLDER!!!then hotter!!
    I agree also...time spent with FAMILY is priceless!!!The kids will look back on this with such great fun memories!!And for that...all worth it!!glad you popped in and told me the new site..I would have missed you....I would have kept looking though!!

  2. I had fun too :) i didnt think the heat was to bad. but im still young. lol
    im hoping we can do more camping next year too. don't rule it out !!!
    from heather


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