Monday, June 25, 2012

Out Door Project To Do With The Grand-kids

                                                            DECORATE YOUR YARD
                                           Place a single layer of small plastic beads, into a tin pan.
Place in a hot oven at 400 degree's for 20 minutes.
 (the smaller transparent ones work best) 
Please be aware, you should do this project in the warmer months, so you can open 
the windows and doors for good ventilation. 
The children should not be in the room when melting the plastic beads.
 Do not, heat beads for more than 20 minutes.

                                       Spread peanut butter onto a toilet paper role, get the
                                              grand-kids to roll them in the bird seeds.
Hang through a tree branch, and enjoy watching the birds
 your grand-babes!!!
Lots of luv...tracegrace (Gamma)

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